My Guardian...Demon?

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  1. Heeeeey guys!~

    SO! This is a new RP I had in mind, and I REALLY wanna do it!, I want this RP to be really cute and romantic (huge hopeless romantic here, I can't help it X3). I also want this RP to be a FxM ^-^. (Please excuse the "Gay" tag, I had an idea in mind, but ended up not doing it, so it's stuck there. Sorry >~<)

    A few things:

    • I write about two paragraphs per post, or just one large paragraph. But, usually, I'll try and match my partner's writing style as long as there are NO ONE LINERS. Sorry, but they just don't work for me.
    • I want this RP to have a bit of fighting scenes in it, and I'm perfectly fine with any violence, I'm not a pansy XP. With the fight scenes, I like to play fair, meaning some/most hits are made, etc.
    • I LOVE to talk to my partners! Don't be shy to talk, I won't bite! I've actually made a few good friends from chatting outside of the RP. That isn't to say that I want to put chatting in front of the RP itself, but if you ever have questions about the RP, life, other random things, don't hesitate to ask!!
    • For the MxF relationship, I would play the female. I've never played the male in a MxF RP before, so I have NO skill in it whatsoever ^-^"
    • Um...sorry guys, but I don't do smut. Don't get me wrong, I can do the cute stuff, but writing out details for those types of scenes are a no for me, sorry >.<. It's just kinda weird for me, but please don't hold back with the cutesy stuff or even if you want your character to act pervy or something. It's really funny and I've never really partnered with somebody that had a character like that XD
    • I also use anime pictures for my character sheets, since I LOVE anime and the pictures are just easier to find ;)

    NOW! Enough boring you! Time for the real deal...THE PLOT!

    What I had in mind was Character A is a demon who is sent on a mission to protect a single human being from their troubles to come. What type of troubles? That's unknown, which is the reason why Character A is sent to Earth. Usually, an angel would be sent instead, but the mission was one of such low importance that the angels decided to send a "lowly demon" in their place. Character A isn't too pleased with the whole thing and is rather bitter when he runs into Character B. How they meet would be Character A saving Character B from something life threatening, thus starting their relationship. I have a feeling that Character A would be everything an angel wasn't, personality wise: Arrogant, rude, sarcastic, cold, and maybe even stubborn. Soon, after Character A continues saving Character B, they begin to develop feelings for each other. Maybe, one time, Character A is too late to save Character B and doesn't know where she is, so he goes on a rampage, trying to find them. There can be many things that happen to them, but I don't really have that many in mind yet.

    ANNND that's about it! Thanks SOOOO much for stopping by if you did, and I hope you consider this RP, as I'm really excited to try it out with a great partner! :D

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  2. I am really interested in this if you are still looking.
  3. I am really really interested in this also if you're still looking for a partner! I love the idea so so so much!!
  4. Is this still open? Because I'm pretty interested in the idea.
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