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  1. Plot : A male is having trouble in school, either with getting into trouble with the school or with other kids. One day he meets the new tranfer student, a girl that truly amazing in alot of ways, a defender of the weak and bringing justice to those who harm. He can't help but feel something for her but its different then other emotions, interest and need. Can he figure out why he feels this way ? will he be able to tell her ? only time will tell.

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    Anna Daniel and Her horse named Oxford[​IMG]

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    My post

    Anna smiles as she was awoken by the cries of angels when the world was at peace once more. She walked to the ranch in heaven where her dark chestnut horse grazed peacefully. She smiles tacking up and getting on and finally leading him out to the gates of heaven. Looking back only once in her life she smiles gently "wish me luck Mighty father" her horse grew massive white and rainbow colored wings. She smiles as the horse soars toward earth at an alarming rate, smiling her eyes closed. The male she was told to help was in the school was transfered to this year. She only had one year to reach the male if she could not, well his soul was not able to be saved by her powers. They landed by a church where her new parents were to be and thy where seeing her coming in and smiling. they gave her human clothing and made the horse tack make its wings invisble to human eyes. Anna was given a bracelet that did the same in hope to keep her true self in secret from the human world. Angels where said to be terrifying celestial beings meaning she would be in a lot of trouble if she had to use her true voice on a human.

    "Alright Anna be nice and don't piss anyone off" Her adopted mother warned and nodding she rode the horse to school ignoring the stares she got and jears. one thing about Anna she could take alot before she got angry at anyone. She rode around and stopped her horse and got off and got her bags and smiles walking toward the school. the dark horse snorted and then trotted off into the forest in the back of the school. Anna came to a science class which she had first and smiling sat down and awaited other students. She was jaw dropping beautiful and her eyes where haunting deep color but she made no look to anyone, sat in utter quite.
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    His name is Keith, a sophomore at his local high school and who is the target for all bullies. Once a straight A student is now a flunking student. His parents are always gone and because of the neglect of them, he stays out roaming the streets and smoking weed and cigarettes, two things he's not suppose to do. He has found the wrong crowd and with each day that his parents aren't there, the more trouble he gets into in hopes of catching their attention. Nothing is working and he want's to give up. Girls find him gross so there's no partner to get him out of this depression.

    First post
    "Fucking loser" Keith grunted as he fell to the ground, his skateboard sliding a few feet away upon impact. He looked to the board his father had given him then up at the 3 upper classmen that found it fun to fuck with him, the 3 upper classmen that made it their daily routine to torture the guy until he got ticked off, which they found funny. Not Keith. They ticked him off. he got annoyed easily and they knew how to push his buttons, they knew the right words to say and the way to make it worse. "Come on Loser, aren't you going to get mad ?" The leader asked with his arms crossed over his chest. Keith went to push himself up, looking past the 3 males and at the crowd who had gathered round to watch his embarrassing moment. They where whispering and some chuckled. He looked at the board behind the males and in front of the crowd and he growled and stood up. He punched the leader till he stumbled back and moved from Keith's way. He saw this opportunity and went for it. he grabbed his board and pushed through the crowd and looked over his shoulder. The bullies was running after him and he cursed and only ran faster, dashing down the halls and around the corners, in hopes of finding someone to save him from the beating of his life.

    He ran from the school and dropped his board and few on it, the wind pushing his long blonde hair past him, he looked over his shoulder as he road, the group had darted out from the school and the kids that had watched from before in the hall was following after him. When he looked forward, another large male had pushed him off his board and Keith went flying. The male was the leaders brother and he picked up the board and snapped it in half, throwing it aside , Keith crawled backwards and the group of three stopped running and laughed as they seen their buddy approach. "Sweet, you caught him Larry" The leader said. Larry kicked Keith down after he tired to get up and walked to his brother, looking at the bruise on his cheek. He growled and looked back at the boy on the groud​
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  3. Anna watches everyone shuffle in and smiles then her senstive hearing picks up to be what was like bullying. she got herself excused and walking down the hall her eyes narrowed deeply. She stormed toward that area and found the boy she was to protect and two other mean looking guys. She tapped one of the guys on the shoulder. "would you mind please letting the boy go ? i never ask twice" smiles gently eyes calm and composed but her muscles ready to spring into action. Her eyes looking at Keith "run with the wrong crowd hmm ? Come on you two leave him alone last time i ask" she said slowly, she knew humans and how they think about girls, how weak and fragile they could be . But Anna was nothing like those girls, she was a true fighters and a killer if needed to be to protect the boy she was given to defend.
  4. Keith closed his eyes as if he was going to be punched but a female voice coming from just in front of him caused him to open his eyes, he looked up at her and the rays of the sun that shinned down on the girl had shinned down on her, giving her faded angel wings. he blinked a few times then looked again, gone. He shook his head and when he looked back to the situation the guys had grunted and shook their head, walking away from the pair. He nodded to her question but he crawled back and stood up. "Wh-who the hell-" He started off with but cut off in remembrance of the board . He turned and ran over. he grabbed the large pieces on the ground and grunted. He threw them across the yard and walked back into the school, forgetting about the girl that had helped him. He pushed his way through the doors of the school, only to run into the principal who had his arms crossed over his chest. "Keith.... office..... now" Keith hung his head, he found it unfair that the two biggest bullies in the school was the sons of the principal/founder of the school itself. After getting the detention slip he dragged himself out of the office and back into the hall
  5. The girl smirks gently as she grabbed the guys by their ears sharp ly and dragged them to the office sharply not allowing them time to get out of the sharp pain in their ears. She got them all detentions and in school sespection. She was happy with that and smirks at them as they sat ina room bored out of their brains "Don't ever understimate me" muses gently as she walked down the hall and saw him. "Hey you ok ? Sorry about that I don't like seeing people getting hurt" She smiles gently and held out her hand happily "Names Anna" Smiles peacefully her eyes haunting ad would bare into the humans soul. Her wings that where faded where no longer there only in true sunlight could they be seen as faded. She kept a good hold of her bracelet making sure it didn't fall off. her golden hair shines slightly behind her her blue eyes bright and loving. Always loving and wanting to see people happy and knew he was not.
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  6. When he walked from the office, she was there...waiting for him? He stopped to look at her. He narrowed his eyes questionably. "I didn't need your helps but thanks" He snapped coldly. He walked away, half a mind to skip classes today. He waked through the halls as the principals voice went through his head. Imma call your parents and make sure that they know about this. It made Keith chuckle. He nodded and rolled his eyes, mumbling under his breath "Good luck and getting them to pick up the phone" he shoved his hands within his jean pockets. The halls were empty, all the students were in class and he walked as slow as possible to his. His long blonde hair hanging over his baby blue eyes. He had on a red shirt that was baggy and his face was bruised and scard all along his left cheek. His mind traveling to who that girl was. When he looked behind him she wasn't there but looking straight there she was, in front of him. His eyes widened and he grunted. "Tsk" He snapped his teeth and walked away from her "Go away, I don't owe you anything"
  7. She smiles as she faded into the backround but after he turned the coner she was there and looked at her fingernails "i do not want anything from you but to listen for a bloody minute" she said standing next toa window her wings wher faded alot but you could see the outlines of them. She looked at him slowly "I just want to talk to you for a minute alright yesh whats up with everything? mad at your parents for ignoring you?" she asked slowly, knowing what to say right this momment. "being ad at them and doing bad things doesn't help you and you knowing it" she said slowly as she looked at her necklace she had it was a charmed necklace and smiles gently. one day she would be able to go home but for now she was stuck with mister sad and grumpy "You are safe and I am here to keep you safe , should be thankful i stopped them from beating you up" she said slowly looking at him deeply.
  8. Keith listened to her with narrowed eyes he backed up after seeing the outline of her wings again. He stood in the hall with her, questioning her words more than he questioned why he had blonde hair. She didn't make since. He didn't need protecting and how did she even know about his life and how did she know a lot of things. He grunted and looked away a slight pinkness staining his cheek as he kept up his jackass attitude "I'm not thankful cause you didn't need to. You didn't have to and frankly I didn't want you to knowing that it came with you fucking bugging me" He said turning to walk away. He wasn't even int eh mood for class, he headed out of the school, knowing she'd probably be following. "Besides, I don't need to be kept safe. I'm fine on my own"
  9. She laughed at that smiling gently "oh yeah your fine alright fine way of getting beat up on your own." she laughed gently as she whistled sharply as from the forest came a dark chestnut horse and she got on smiling gently . She looked at him "shouldn't you be back in school?" she asked as she got her horse to block his path and looking at him slowly. Her eye bright and sharp in the sunlight. I do not wish to se my angel voice on this boy but if I must then maybe its for the better. i'll see in two days Though to herself as she looked at him slowly "Do you need a ride to a repair shop for your skateboard i am sure horse is faster then walking" she said.
  10. "I'm not going back to school. " He snapped as she followed him to the exit, once arriving he pushed the doors open, looking over his shoulder he looked at the girl that was still following him. He snapped his teeth and turned to face her. "look, I know you said you were here to protect me but do yourself a favor and don't okay. This isn't some charity case. Don't feel sorry for me, it's pathetic and no, it's to shit anyway, once a board is snapped in half there's no point in fixing it" He said walking down the pathway and out of the school where he turned the corner, weather she followed him or not he grunted and walked down the streets, pulling the headphones from his pockets eh snapped them into his ipod and began the long day of finding somewhere to get high. His mind continuing to come back to the girl. She was cute and nice. He stopped and looked over his shoulder, she was just trying to help and his anger had got the better of him. He looked forward and continued his walk, remembering the consequences if things between them got too serious. people will only end up teasing her too
  11. She glares and smirks gently. Later that night she did a fixing spell fixing the board that he had making it all better and smiles eyes closed and looking at the world. She sat on the root and smiles gently looking at the stars once more and flying to the sky and vanished. The skateboard was repaired and better then ever. She went to school next day smiling gently and sat on the horse back smiling gently.
  12. As the kids ran and piled in through the the doors He sighed with his hands shoved in his pants pockets he walked up to the school with his backpack on his back. He had his head down, headphones on as he listened to the music blasting in his ears. He nodded his head gently to the music and mouthed the lyrics as he walked up to the front doors, unaware that the girl from yesterday happened to be nearby, someone he had forgotten about after the drinking and smoking he did last night.
  13. She narrowed her eyes and grabbed him by the back of the shirt and stalked toward a church eyes narrowed deeply. She stormed into a. Church and shoved him to sit down and eyes glow slightly as her voice became scary and sharp "STOP BEING A DRUG PIECE OF SHIT your family loves you and maybe they don't listen to you all the time but does it meter ?" Eyes narrowed and eyes glow and wings shine brightly behind her showing and made the head phones shatter slightly and break. Her eyes narrowed "I am your guardian angel and I can't do my job if your an asshole" snapped and then fixed his headphones and shoved it to him and stalked out leaving him there her wings holded up and left.going to the school and stated relaxed and calm once more. She stayed Ina. Tree and whistle and hummed a music.
  14. He was taken back. He blinked, she had caused a scene to where now everyone was looking. When she stormed off it only made him that much more pissed. He pushed past the crowd and went to find her He jumped in the tree and shoved her out of it, jumping down once she was. "Does it matter? Are you serious? " He grumbled irritably. "Of course it fucking matters! You know how long I have been trying to get their attention!?" He stepped up to her "You don't know shit so don't go around acting like you do. Just cause you're a guardian and have probably got the whole file on my life, doesn't mean you know how I feel. so don't go acting like I do. It's hard to know if my parent's love me when they are never around. You try showing them A+'s on every single thing you got and have them wave you off, refusing to even pat me on the back and say 'good job son' " he breathed hard after his little rant, silence in the air, he looked away. "You don't know anything.... so please... don't go acting like you're an expert on my life" He said putting his head phones on and going to walk away
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