My greetings to all of you~

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  1. Hey~ Just saying hi... So... HI!!! OuO
    So yeah, I'm Avery... as you could have probably have seen...
    Ask me more, if you wanna know more~
    In my roleplays I like Alice in Wonderland, Medieval times, Fantasy, ROMANCE!!! God, I am such a sucker for it. Uhm, let's see... I love suspense in roleplays, also JEALOUSY, it makes things turn in a diff direction, which is fun.
    Oh yeah... I love incest, freaky? I know, but I can't resist!!! Haha~
    I love art, like sketching and shizz, I LOVE to bake pastries like cookies, cakes, and such whatnot.
    I can't wait to meet all of you guys~

    See you all in Wonderland~ <333!!!
  2. WOAH... totally tripped me out seeing the text on the other side of the box.
    That's different.. I hope you don't roleplay like that... that would bother me D:
    Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Avery, welcome...Welcome to Iwaku!

    We have groups for Art and Baking which you'll fit into nicely!

    As for freaky, I'm sure other members own..Fetish of some kind.

    Enjoy your time here!
  4. Yay!
    The freakier the merrier!

    Welcome to Iwaku, Avery!!
    Reminds me of Tex Avery, which is one of my favourite cartoonists ever.

    Have a cookie and enjoy the roleplays!

  5. Hi Avery! Welcome to the community! 8D

    I was wondering what sparked your love of incest? XD Do you have any siblings? Was it recent media or oldschool something that sparked it? I am curious cause that seems to be a popular thing, lately! O__O
  6. Hi Avery! I'm also curious about this incest thing, because to be honest it squicks me. o_o; Also, a conversation I had in the cbox had someone saying "I don't like incest because I have siblings" which totally makes sense to ME. So. Answer Diana's questions!

    Also eee baking. <3 It's also one of my favorite things!
  7. Ahahah...
    Nah, I won't roleplay like that... To tell you the truth, it bothers me myself.
    Just wanted to break out of the ordinary box of the post on the left side~ OuO
    Thanks for the welcome~

    Diana, to tell you the truth, I have no idea how this incest thing started... I have no siblings. But I think I may have a half-brother, but I never did meet him. o3o. I guess the thing to blame is... no one. o3o. It just sparked by itself... Well, I think yaoi started it, then all of a sudden incest sparked, and it grew into a bigger flame. Anyways, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT STARTED. o3o My friends influenced me probably? I dunno...

    Hahaha... As for the baking. I LOVE BAKING... ish my favorite thing to do. I bake when I'm bored but I don't eat much of the things I bake. So I give them out to my friends... I am a "self-proclaimed" generous person!!! Hahaha...

    I hope I'd enjoy my stay here, so far things have turned out pretty good... o3o

  8. Hi! im Frost im new here to :) and ill be your brother ;D xD im jk unless u want haha but yeah hope we become asome friends cas im a weirdo :D
  9. Yay!!! I has a brother now!!! Hahaha... jk~
    Yeah, I think we'd get along great, since I get along great with weirdos...
    Haha OuO

  10. Welcome to the site. I believe you had more people greet you because of your sanity =O

    Though, yes, you are fairly freaky. Me gusta. Toodles, and enjoy the site like the rest of us new bees.