My Glorious Return! (Or so I picture it...)

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  1. [​IMG] (found it when I was trying to find a good gif...Thought it would go well here.)



    Anyway had to get that out of my system! On to more important matters. To any...Staff Members and Moderators who check this over this IS NOT A SECOND account. I deleted my account at an earlier time due to some life issues I was facing that are now over, thank god for that, and that I hopefully never have to bring up!

    Now for a few other things before I scurry off for a few moments...Time to tag a few people.

    @Vivienne Vexx

    Thank you so, so much Vivi for showing me that I was not as alone as I thought throughout this mess. Your help was VERY appreciated.


    I looked over the Monster High forum and wanted to thank you for continuing to help with it :)

    @Abyssal Knight (You will always be Mei-Mei-Mei to me :)

    When my appointed Gms couldn't do anything thank you for standing up to the Job and then taking it. Sorry for leaving you dead hanging in your CoC Rp.

    Hm...No one else I can really think of that wouldn't detriment me later...So. [​IMG]

    Off to the forums!
  2. Heya! Welcome back! Always good to see people returning! :D
  3. Welcome back! Didn't we have an rp?
  4. I was in the Clear Sky Farm.
  5. Welcome back :bananaman:
  6. Aaaa ok
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.