FILLED REQUEST My girlfriend's pretty awkward... And crazy! (MXF or FXF)

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    Dating Princess Azula.

    Now, I know I've implied that I wouldn't seek out anything involving romance, but the thought just amused me to no end! Picture it -- Azula, the Firenation's wicked Princess making an attempt at maintaining a love-life. Oh... Will heads turn and roll.~

    Gender doesn't matter one bit, but the desired characters do. As of now, I'd like to acquire either a Mako or Korra for this plot. I'd like some build up for shipping, or at least decent detail as what inspired someone to approach the other with a confession of romantic feelings. I should make this clear; I'd like things to start off from scratch, or at least at the point of confrontation that leads to dating. Not afterwards.

    This is also meant to be short-term, by the way. If you're interested at all, contact me whenever you wish.
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