"My Girlfriend? Well, uh... She's a Magic Girl..." (MxF looking for F)

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    To be fair, I've never had a blog before. In the past, I believed that they were just for posting about random shit and bull-crap that people constantly bitch about in life. However, recent events have forced me online... Think of this as a sort of "confession" line that I'll be updating as things go on.

    First off, I should get some info posted. I won't reveal my true name (for obvious reasons thanks to Pedos and assorted weirdos on the Internet), so I'll just refer to myself as "Pibbles", a name I have based off my username. As of the date of this blog post, March 6th, 2014, I am 17 and a half years old. I moved from the good'old "Great White North" to Japan about two years ago. I'm still getting adjusted to life here, but things seem pretty okay so far, I guess. I do things that any regular teenager would do. This includes going to high school, playing video games, hanging out with friends, being socially awkward almost all of the time, etcetera.

    Lately, my life has been pretty odd. If I'm gonna tell the story right, I've gotta tell it from the beginning... So, there's been this girl at school who I've had a major crush on. Lets call her "Girl X" to help her remain anonymous, shall we? To start off, Girl X is an amazing person with an amazing personality. She's funny, sweet, caring, and totally adorable at times. Secondly, she's gorgeous. Period. Looking at her is like seeing the real life versions of one of the heroines from an anime series: bulging chest, thick hips, and defiantly a bombshell beauty... In fact, the more I think about it, she actually does act like an Anime Heroine, but we'll come back to that later. So, with a girl who looks as good as that, most guys would think they wouldn't stand a chance if they asked her out, and they're right. However, I know a secret, random people on the Internet: the hot girls are usually the loneliest.

    I'm getting sidetracked, but I thought I'd throw in a life lesson before I finish this. Anyways, back to the story. So one day in my creative writing class, I get this assignment to basically write up a 6 page short fictional story about a character or genre of my choice: Fantasy with Elves and Dragons, Sci-Fi with Aliens and Robots, Modern-Fiction with the Supernatural or Time Travel, anything really. Well, there's a catch: we're given partners, so one person starts the story until a climax on page 6, while the other person finishes it with 6 more pages. Who do I get as a partner for this task?

    Girl X.

    It was obvious we both were excited, but we couldn't decide on what to write until she noticed my older sister who I share a room with, owned a collection of Sailor Moon products. Gaining inspiration from this apparent discovery, she began to spin tales of a group of Magic Girls (and guys) led by a young, orphaned alien Princess, who took on challenges to protect Planet Earth from threats across the galaxy and at home. They all had individual powers and abilities that make them unique, but a common power they all gained was the ability to manipulate the minds of "Regulars" (non-magic people) and help the people of Earth forget about monsters, aliens, and even the organization and its members. While she provided the information on the background and abilities of this Princess, I happily wrote and helped build a story about her origins on Earth and the formation of the "Magi-Guild" organization with the help of her friends.

    To make a long story short, we got an A+ on our project when we got it back. What shocked me, however, was Girl X's attitude towards me afterwards. I often found her popping up in my life when I didn't really think she would. It was like having a gorgeous, feminine shadow following you everywhere. She was at the movies when I went with my friends (in the same theatre and viewing room, no less), she was there at the market when I went shopping, I even caught her running along the streets near my house early in the mornings when I went out for a jog. Once or twice, she even showed up to my house unannounced, even though I never told her my home address. It began like an odd coincidence, seeing her everywhere... But after the third or fourth time she found (and hugged) me at the Arcade when I was out with my friends, things started to seem really creepy. At lunch one day, I invited her over to a private spot to try and talk about boundaries. However, what I found out then both shocked and appalled me.

    Rather then having our chat be "normal", it started off with her bringing me a home-made lunch (which, I have to admit, are awesome. If the entire world could try her cooking, I think it would establish world peace within minutes). After we actually ate, I began to ask her about why she was so interested in a guy, to the point that she began stalking me. The answer I got originally made me nearly wet myself, but now I realize the insane truth. As it turns out, all that crap she kept ranting about for our project was true, all of it: the Alien Princess, the Magi-Guild, scantly clad girls and buffed-out guys saving the world, and everything else we put into that story. She claimed that she was the alien princess from the story and that she crashed on Earth over 20 years ago when her ship was shot down. At first, I thought she was bat-shit insane and began to laugh at her childish dedication to the fictional story and characters, but what happened next was not anything I was thinking would ever happen in real life.

    Standing before me, she pressed hard on the ruby gemstone in her necklace and began to glow bright blue. Within minutes, she was standing before me, wearing a totally different (and, quite anime-esk) outfit that seemed a bit like if somebody cosplayed as their Original Super Heroine Character. It wasn't until she actually demonstrated her powers that I became a believer. Now, why was she doing this? Why risk blowing cover of her entire organization and possibly her existence? Well, she could have just erased my mind at a moments notice, but that didn't explain why she was stalking me. The answer, I discovered, was actually simply that she liked me and wished to pursue a relationship. While we didn't know much about each other, her race believed that after only hours of bonding or social interaction, you could fall in love with somebody. What made things worse for me, was that apparently mutual physical contact in the form of a hug (which we did quite often before this) acted as a sort of "imprinting". Its a very complicated thing and I don't want to go into too much detail about it, but bottom line: I found myself stuck in an eternal relationship with an Alien Princess, who happened to dress up like a Super Heroine and beat the crap out of monsters, aliens, and criminals who threatened the planet.

    Now, she's decided that she'll be living with me for the rest of our lives. Its not so bad. I mean, she cleans, cooks, and takes care of me like a loyal and truly dedicated girlfriend (or "wife", depending on how you look at the situation), so I can't really complain. At first, it was a bit awkward, but I'm getting used to it. Thanks to her mind-controlling and altering abilities, she's convinced my family to let her stay.

    So... My gorgeous girlfriend/alien wife is actually a Magical Girl...


    Yeah, that image pretty much sums up how I feel right now...

    Okay, so the general idea for this RP is that an Alien Princess (who is also the leader of a Magical Girl organization built to protect Earth) has fallen in love with a regular Human Boy. This, however, is just the beginning of the fun. We can pick up the idea from wherever you want: the moment the girl tells him about her origins, or maybe after a few days/weeks/months of her living with him, wherever you want.

    I'm looking for somebody to play The Alien Princess/Magical Girl. I will play the regular human boy.

    I'd like this to be a bit more of a Comedy styled Anime RP sort of parodying magic-girl shows like Sailor Moon, or general High School/Romance shows. However, while the general spirit is very light hearted and fluffy in a "Lovey-Dovey" sense (at least, from the girl's point of view at first while the boy warms up to her), in typical Anime fashion, this will have mature moments (gore, sex, swearing, ect).

    We can deal with a multitude of plot concepts/arcs based off the core idea: Perhaps a threat arises and the girl is called into duty (maybe dragging along the boy to help out, or even going to rescue him), or the Boy tries to further train her in the ways of humans, or perhaps somebody in the Magi-Guild doesn't approve of the girl's choice in a love interest and tries to break them up... We can go anywhere.

    So, if you have ideas, comments, or you're just simply interested in the idea, post below or send me a PM and we can begin planning for this ^^​
  2. I kind of like this anime role play concept and is willing to give a try. I do have ideas, also FYI, in Japan concentrate age for marriage is 13, also that's the oldest you have to be to live on your own.
  3. Got it. Okay, I can't wait to hear your ideas in our discussions ^^
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