My friend and I were wondering...

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  1. I know the site says no child porn or anything which I understand since I am actually a teacher, but what if we wanted to do a pairing of a 14 year old and an adult? Like shota manga and anime series things? Is this something that is allowed or not? We are both legal adults so it wouldn't be seen by underage members. We couldn't find a specific rule on various age groups in a roleplay except for this:

    Mature roleplays with characters under the age of 13 will be locked as this constitutes as child porn. We are not a dating site or sex hookup site.

    On that note as well, if we were to do a sex scene even with adults, would it be considered cyber sex and a possibility for being banned or no? We both joined within the week and were not sure of the specific rules.
  2. Iwaku totally allows sex scenes within roleplays, that is why we have the Mature sections! The two Mature sections are age-locked so you know you're playing with a legal age group. (I think you already know that part, so I am just making that clear!)

    For in character age pairing in Mature roleplays, you can do any age pairing you want as long as the minimum age is 13 for the characters. We don't feel right about allowing character ages to be younger than that in sexual content roleplays. Even if both players are adults.
  3. alright thank you sooo much. we just wanted to clarifiy that before we did anything that was a no no

    oh and while on the topic, what if it was say a 10 year old with like a 16-17 year old but they didn't do anything until the one was at least 13?

    just want to be sure
  4. Starting young and then later getting together is no biggie! <3 We're only worried about the sex scenes!
  5. okay thank you for your help. It is a bit unnerving to start all over on a new site. I was actually a member of another site for 10 years, but I was hacked, then banned on an original account thanks to someone else. I created a new account on the other site, but as it is, they started trying to get money any way they could and its turning a lot of my friends off the site, in fact one showed me this site instead >.<
  6. Sounds like a doozy. O_O

    That'll be 29.95 for the help! >:3

    *Cackles and dashes off in to the night~!*
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  7. wah?!?!?! NOOOOO!

    gets back here you!!!! lol but yea thanks again my friend and I are happy to know the rules now

  8. You're welcome! :D We are fairly lax about most things, so long as no one is getting harassed or doing something dangerous. So all is good!
  9. I am liking this site much more then the other one just because we are not really censored here which is nice. My friends and I used to have to do email and that can get annoying. >.<