My first serious attempt at an 'ugly' character

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  1. Well me, ladies and gentlemen!

    To start my Iwaku career with a bang I wanted to do something a little more unusual for me. That thing is a character type that may one day become one of my favored characters. This man is still relatively young but have three things keeping him away from the more sophisticated folks of his fantasy world; in short, he is rather ugly and brutish, even for a barbarian. Heavily favoring physical showings rather than diplomacy or even wits, he maul through his life with an admirable dedication to gt what he wants, and what he wants most may one day be your character.

    His rough, hulking and wild appearance is not helped by his tribal branding and his scars, and his harsh tone is none helped by his crude speech. Yet here he is, one of the most proficient warriors of his tribe and a decent craftsman to boot. He has neither riches or good breeding to offer, but perhaps his passionate and dauntless approach will charm you? What say you, stranger?

    This can be as light or dark as you want, and this fellow's partner can be man or woman, he is not the pickiest sort.
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  2. Of everything I've browsed, I think your request stands out the most because I usually see characters who are deemed 'beautiful' or good looking, so on.
    I am highly interested in what else you have planned for your setting, meaning, if you do not have a partner then I would like to become such one.
  3. Great, I'll contact you shortly, then!
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