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  1. Hi. This is my first partner request. So please bare with me. I usually play as Submissive, or semi dominant males. I have two plots I hope people will enjoy or check out

    A guy is dating a cheerleader, but the new girl in school has her eye on him. She is bad and sometimes gets into trouble with her parents and sometimes the law. She steals, drinks and smokes. She likes this boy and does what ever she can to see him, even sneaking into his room at nights to lay with him in his bed. The girlfriend get jealous of her boyfriend hanging out with the bad girl she suspects their sleeping together, which they are. So she thinks of a plan to get the bad girl in Juviee or worse prison.
    Need you to double as the girlfriend and bad girl

    A student enters a relationship with his teacher. At first its fine but she slowly abuses him verbally, physically and sexually. He then finds himself beginning to like her abusing him. His friends and a girl who has a crush notices his different behavior, and are worried for him
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  2. Hey, I'd be interested in your first plot. Totally down for doubling.
  3. alright PM me for some information
  4. I have a few more plots
    They were best friends until he caused her accident. She lost her eyesight in her left eye, and her friend feels guilty for causing her accident. He protects and defends her from bullies. She bosses him around, and teases him but loves him for protecting her and being the only real friend she ever had.

    The Devil's daughter realizes in order to rule hell she needs a mate. She goes to earth posing as a new student(or new teacher) at a local high school. The high school is said to have her heir. She meets this heir and slowly seduces him to be her mate.

    A serial killer falls for this guy. She loves him to death and will do anything to be with him. She kills any girl that gets close to him and wont let anyone hurt him. One day she asks to move into his house, because she found out he is looking for a roommate. She watches him sleep and even lays next to him in bed
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  5. I'd be down for the serial killer idea.
  6. Sweet want to PM me for more details.
  7. A guy is making a movie but his budget is cut in half do to bad investment by the producer. To get him more money his girlfriends turns to stripping and slowly into prostitution to help fund the movie but she doesnt tell her boyfriend. She tells him she is working night shifts at her new job. She soon begins liking her job
  8. A few more plots
    A guy's best friend is bitten by a mysterous wolf Only it was too big to be one. Now she is slowly becoming a shewolf. She begins to be more aggressive, and more protective of her friend. Her canines are sharper, and her eyes turn yellow. Her eears become more pointed and she grows a tail. Soon she is a shewolf.(Kinda like a neko only instead of a human-cat its a human wolf) Her friend devides to take care of her like a pet

    A guy saves a Kitsune and in return gives her his life. Basically he is her master now. But she likes to boss him around and she liked to tease him. Even though he doesnt like her bossing him around he still is her master. Even if they can be crabby toward each other, they both care for each other