My Fellow GMs a Plead

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  1. Can we stop making character sheets so fancy? It's kind of distracting for a member to walk into a character sheet that should be readable, and all you see is the CODE.

    Doesn't help those of us with dylexia. Or just reading problems in general. Everything gets all mixed up. Perhaps, provide both the BbCode and a more readable character sheet as well.

    In the end of a day a character sheet isn't something to look pretty. It's something members use. And if I cannot read the code or the font you chose for a character sheet, a lot good my character sheet does as my blueprint.
  2. Could you perhaps link to a few examples of when coding goes too far in a CS? Because I always put a bit of code in my CS's, since I think it helps them look neater, but I do try to stay modest about it and not make it too flowery.

    Ordinarily, I admit I kind of roll my eyes at the whole "stop making your CS's so full of color and stuff!!" thing, because it usually boils down to people saying "my CS looks lame next to these highly-coded ones, but I refuse to also use code -- what do I do??" which is... yeah. There's really not much advice one can give to that other than "use A LITTLE code, maybe?? Just to spruce it up??". BUT if this is a dyslexia thing and the CS's are truly difficult to read then you raise a very good point. I'll try to link some CS's from my own RP's as examples later (I'm on my phone right now).

    That said, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by the title of this thread. Is this directed at GM's, or players? Because if it's a situation where you are the GM, then you can definitely tell your players to use less code. And if it's the sort of thing where other GM's are allowing the players of other RP's that you're in to make unreadable CS's, then I think you could just say something to those players themselves, or just say something to the GM if it's really necessary.

    Either way, if you really want to do something about unreadable CS's, I think the best place to start would be to simply say something to the people you RP with -- tell them it's legitimately hard to read and that you'd like them to tone it down. Screaming into the ether here probably isn't going to do much to help, especially since not everyone frequents this forum. There will always be plenty of people out there using super dolled-up CS's, and this thread won't change that -- but talking to these people individually if you're ever in an RP with them might help.

    That said, I appreciate this thread as a general awareness thing, and, like I said, I can post up some of my CS's later so I can get a better idea of how much is too much. I would certainly want to be accommodating if you or anyone else with the same problem were in one of my RP's.
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  3. I mean GMs.

    I'm going to post a screen shot. I'm talking about GMs and their Code btw. The ones who kind of require the Code in their sheet to make the character acceptable to their standards.


    For someone normal that looks pretty readable. And I mean it's nowhere near as bad as some I have seen. But that's literally look likes a garble of words to me. Because the way I write my character sheets is usually off site on google docs. As basic template allows me to easily follow the requirements. Now imagining having to copy and paste that on Google Docs because I cannot read it?

    The words are literally doing a little jamboree for my eyesight. I'm like gah.
  4. Wait, I'm confused: Is it the actual code that's giving you problems? And not just the formatting that results from the code?

    Because, if that code were applied, all it would do is bold the titles of the fields, which is something I usually do, myself. In which case, it would look something like:

    Name: name here!
    Age: age here!
    Other content: blah blah
    Etc etc: blah blah blah

    And... is that still too much for you? Or is it just an issue with the code when it's actually written out?

    Because if it's the latter, then I'm sure you could tell the GM that it's a problem and that you'd just like to be able to copy/paste the titles of the fields without the bold code surrounding it. And then, if it's really required (which I'm not sure that it is, based on this screenshot), you can easily add the bold formatting later using the rich text editor (so you won't even need to see any code).
  5. It's the latter not the former @Kaga-kun
  6. Ok. That's very different from what I thought the issue was, then. o_o

    In which case, like I said, you can just ask for the CS fields without the code, or maybe even ask to see what it would look like once the code is applied. I'm not sure if you could tell or not (since you said you were having trouble reading it), but the vast majority of the code in that screenshot does nothing more than bold the field titles (like I showed in my example).

    To show you what I mean, I'm going to copy everything in that screenshot verbatim (well, save for where the screenshot cuts off, anyway), but with the coding actually applied, so you can see what it should look like:

    A personal quote can be written here

    Name: The full name of your character. Please list your character's name and any aliases even if their identity is...
    Must be between 16-17
    Birthday: Day, month, year. This must match with their age stated above, of course.
    Sexual orientation:

    Height: Your character's height.
    Weight: Your character's weight.
    Special characteristics: Does anything special or unique stand out? Perhaps a scar or interesting birthmark, or even...
    Appearance: Please describe your character's general appearance. Their preferences in clothing and colors, body type...

    Personality: Describe your character's personality. Be as detailed as possible.

    Interests and hobbies: How does your character enjoy spending their time? Anything in particular that they like?

    Skills: What are they good at? These must be ordinary things like cooking, painting, playing video games.

    Fears: Please list a minimum of three logical fears and describe them. Eg: Ghosts, fire, snakes, spiders.

    History: Your character's history. Summarize their life up until now, detailing any important events, to the point...

    Superpower: Describe in detail your character's powers and their full capabilities. Keep in mind these will be very...

    Weaknesses: Describe any weakness of your character's powers.

    Other: Anything else you'd like to tell us about your character?

    Is this still difficult to read? Or is it easier now that the coding's been applied?

    If it's the latter, then I suggest asking the GM for a version of the template that has the coding applied, just like I've typed it here. You should still be able to copy/paste the template offsite and work on it there. You may have to fix up the coding before you post the final version, as I can't guarantee that all of it will be preserved after all that copy/pasting, but that seems like a minor hassle. (And like I said, if you use the rich-text editor, then you don't have to manually type out any code.) Also, you can ask the GM whether or not the formatting's really that important at all. If it's too difficult for you, then you might be able to just keep everything in plain-text form.

    If it's the former, then I suggest telling the GM about your situation and asking if you can just be given the CS template in plaintext, and also if you can just post it in plaintext form. Also, I would ask if there's going to be any fancy formatting used in the IC at all -- because this bolding is rather simple and minimal as far as formatting goes, and most people probably wouldn't think that anyone would have any issue with it. I'd definitely speak up if it's a problem for you.
  7. Every time I read your post. Your signature is winking at me, lol.

    I can read it when the Code is Imprinted. And that's what I mean by a barebones skeleton sheet. Plain simple text I can read. At some point I need to show someone on Skype, how I work on character sheets for them to understand how I really do them.

    And yes, so what ends up happening is when people put BBcode for center and bold, and then paranthesis is it gets all muddled in the basic details of it too.
  8. Oh, there's more where that came from.


    I still feel like one of us isn't fully understanding something. Plaintext would mean no coding whatsoever, applied or not. There would be no bolding, or centering. Everything would just be... plain. But, if I'm understanding your replies correctly, the problem isn't so much with the formatting as much as seeing just the bare code. So, I'm worried that, when you try to explain this problem to GM's, they might get confused over what you mean -- like I did when I first saw this thread.

    For example,

    Someone could easily mis-interpret this as you saying that just seeing bold the way I've formatted it just now is what's throwing you off, as opposed to [b ]bold[/ b] with the actual coding visible. So I worry that some GM's might mistakenly think that you're trying to say that you'd rather see the code typed out in plaintext as opposed to applied, which is the opposite of what you want (if I'm reading you correctly).

    I think you should try to explain to your GM that seeing the code all typed out like that is what's giving you issues, and that it would be easier if you could see the code applied. (If it helps, you can use my earlier post as an example to say "this is ok", if that helps make things clear.)

    And, uh... feel free to correct me if I'm still not understanding you. o_o
  9. Nope that's it. Thank you. I'll try to word it better next time. It's Bare Code that's hard to see.
  10. Yeah, just saying "bare code" is probably enough to get the message across. Hopefully this helps.
  11. I like my character sheets Naked. Lol.
  12. I like fancy pretty sheets, but if someone were to ask me nicely and give me a good reason (like "I'm dyslexic and it's really hard to read!") I'd be happy to produce simpler ones

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  13. I will do that. I just don't know. I like Naked Character Sheets. Because in the end the GM will only be using them once in a while.
  14. Eh. I put light formatting on my CS's (usually I just make the titles bolded, and sometimes color them too) because I think it spruces them up a bit. Makes them look nice. I also think it makes things a bit easier to read when the titles are so clearly defined.

    That said, it's not like I require my players to do the same. So... there wouldn't be any code-filled templates that you'd have to worry about in my RP's. :P
  15. Depends on the GM honestly

    I'm a one x one-er, but depending on the roleplay I may reference and extend character sheets a lot in order to plan and implement future plot twists and stuff. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to assume that a group GM might do the same. There's as many ways to roleplay (Or GM) as there are roleplayers, and all of them are valid :3
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  16. I partially agree, a character sheet being fancy should be okay if the code actually helps the readability. Too much of being fancy is just...meh. I facepalm everytime I see somebody using more than 3 colors.
  17. Easy solution.

    Name: I am a name.
    Age: I am an age.
    Sex: Yes please.
    Appearance: Anime only plox.
    Biography: Write how badass your character is here!

    Copy-Paste version
    [B][COLOR=#00ccff]Name:[/COLOR][/B] I am a name.
    [B][COLOR=#00ff00]Age:[/COLOR][/B] I am an age.
    [B][COLOR=#00ccff]Sex:[/COLOR][/B] Yes please.
    [B][COLOR=#00ff00]Appearance:[/COLOR][/B] Anime only plox.
    [B][COLOR=#00ccff]Biography:[/COLOR][/B] Write how badass your character is here!

    And there you go. Just wrap [plain][/plain] tags around your CS inside of a spoilerbb and then people can copy your CS with all of its sexy as fuck formatting with literally zero effort. It also gives you a naked version for people to look at and mess with however they wish.

    Just, you know, use the RTF editor, because the BB editor is satan and eats code for breakfast.
  18. Totally behind this.

    I can appreciate the struggles of someone with dyslexia having troubles reading something with formatting, but asking as a blanket statement for GMs to not put formatting at all is a bit much. It's certainly much better to just ask the GM if they can provide a non-formatted character sheet if you're having problems instead of insisting everyone else do away with formatting, because generally, being able to break up character sheets with formatting is a welcome relief for eye strain and keeping track of where you were when you're reading them.