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My Fellow 3d Comrades

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Warmaster Death, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. dudes, just saw a program called Vue, by e-on. i intend to get the free version and peruse it tonight.

    well, either Vue or Bryce.

    the actu al review will occur later.
  2. I have played around with both a little, back when I was in SA. Got older versions of both free in a PC format magazine CD. Both are really easy ti use, beyond that can't remember a lot.
  3. hmm, been distracted by Daz 3, which is a character maker/animator somewhere along the lines of poser. so far i only have people in their undies, since clothes nad stuff cose money. its also the program that the company who now own Bryce have made.

    so far i have a WMD in his boxers (which is all he is wearing in IW at the moment, though i plan to have him resupply after the crimson cadre gets going), modeled so that he's attacking the cultists. (though to be fair all i did was take a running with gun james bond style pose and mess with the arms and face)