My Feisty Little Omega [w/MaskedMyth]

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YAOI, romance, magical/supernatural,action-adventure, occasionally I will do horror, Dystopian, fantasy, medieval,

MC has to be about the most feisty, not-submissive omega YC has ever seen. YC loves it. YC always preferred a challenge, and MC would definitely be a challenge to get him to submit.

But YC is the alpha leader of his pack, YC is sure he will win. YC always gets what he wants.

And right now he wants a feisty little omega to be his omega, have his pups, and submit to him. It won't be easy.

Clarence Clement
20 Years Old








Clarence hated this, his life in general.... Was awful. Everyday he had to pretend to be something he clearly wasn't in hopes he wouldn't be attacked by some beast-of-an-alpha looking for a doe-eyes, clueless omega to mate with. Well that wasn't him, he may have the scent of the omega but he sure had the spirit of an alpha. Clarence had tried countless of things to make his strong and apparently intoxicating scent disappear, or at least not as strong... But nothing seemed to work, that is until he came across a strange necklace, or more like an amulet in markets specifically for the supernatural.

Most supernatural camouflaged themselves from humans, used glamours, and other disguises, especially since there was still the threat of stray hunters. The necklace concealed his scent for the most part, made it a lot less strong and not as alluring so he wouldn't be hunted down by alphas miles away. It had turned into so much of a problem that he had been attracting the attention of unmated alphas far away. It was not pretty.

The vendor at the market stall where he had gotten the necklace had told him that it would not last forever. The charms would wear away eventually and he'd be stuck having to explore other options, or pay a shit ton of money for someone to recharm it again. He barely had enough money to afford it in the first place. He decided to just wait until he really had to confront the problem... Which was now.

It lasted for a good couple months, and Clarence lived relatively in peace, until he woke up this morning and found that the charms were starting to fade... And rapidly. By the end of today they'd surely be completely gone and he'd be on his own again. He was currently out looking for a new solution, perhaps another necklace, but so far his search was fruitless. He was sure that once it wore off completely that alphas would start to swarm him once again. He wasn't ready for that. "Why can't those alpha bastards just leave me alone in the first place? Can't they already see I don't want a mate?!" He hissed under his breath through clenched teeth. He was still walking about, glancing around at the market stalls and trying to be as inconspicuous as possibly so he wouldn't attract any attention from alphas also wandering around the market for things. This clearly wasn't getting anywhere though, he might as well just lock himself in his apartment for the rest of his days, that sounded like a good idea at the moment.
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Maximus Chase
Age: 25
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Maximus was following from a distance. Why this little omega making him all horny and shit? Just the smell alone from a distance riled him up and it was not helping him focus on running his pack. He wanted to just grab that little Omega infant of him and take him right up the wall, he could no longer stay away from the scent, it was time to make the little Omega his.

Maximus took a breath and thought back a couple of weeks. He had been fine, just working away, protecting and training his pack with his beta, just doing what he normally did and then all of the sudden this smell came up. A smell he could now ignore. There was no beta or anyone that he wanted besides this one, he would make this little Omega his. Today was the day, he was going to make this little Omega his. He was sure of it.

With a smirk, his chest puffed and head high, Maximus fell into step with the boy in front of him. He seemed so tiny next to him, which was good. He liked them small and skinny, he wanted him. Stepping in front of the blond, Max towered over the other with a smirk. "What's a pretty little Omega like you doing out here alone?" Maximus could feel his eyes darken with lust. He wanted this little Omega all to himself and he had to get him before anyone else mated him.
Clarence glanced up when he felt a presence beside him. A low growl rumbling in his throat. The alphas were already starting to search for him? He'd thought he'd have a little more time, at least enough time to get back to his shitty apartment... Apparently not. He checked the necklace, and sure enough, the charm had completely faded away. "Fuck" he muttered under his breath viciously.

"What the hell do you want alpha?" He snarled at the much bigger and taller wolf that had presented himself in front of the omega. Clarence was forced to stop and cross his arms over his chest, tilting his chin up almost haughtily. "I don't have time to play" he said practically mocking the alpha, maybe he was overdoing it a tad but he liked riling up the alphas.

"And what I'm doing is none of your damn business. But I will tell you that I'm not here to pick up any alphas who are so desperate for a mate that they'd start looking for one in the market" he sneered. "Bye" he said dismissively, already starting to slip around Maximus to get away quickly before anything else happened.
Maximus raised a brow at the little Omega in front of him, he had to say that this guy had guts to talk to him like that. Most, no, all wolves would fall at his feet. No one resisted him ever, except for this little one. He wanted to growl at this little boy for saying no to him, but for some reason he was loving it. Maximus never said no to a challenge, in the end he always got what he wanted.
Maxi smirked as the guy stepped around him. Maximus turned on his heel and followed after the guy. "I don't go looking in marking places for any mate, I just couldn't resist your beautiful scent." He walked up to the guy and smelled his neck, the scent alone shot a lustfull shiver down his spine.

All the things he was going to be doing to this kid, just thinking about it was going to make him hard. "So what's your name cutie?" Maximus decided to completely ignore the denial and just kept following him. He wanted to mate with a beauty like this. Maximus had decided and made up his mind, this wolf was going to have his pups.
Clarence muttered every curse word that popped into his mind under his breath, shooting a glare at the alpha as he continued to follow him. He cringed away as his neck was sniffed and snarled softly at him. Did this guy even know what the term 'personal space' meant? "Get the fuck away from me asshole" he spat angrily, his wolf in him bristling and his normal deep blue eye color was flickering a vivid startling blue that came with his wolf form.

"Don't call me that, in fact don't call me anything because I don't want to give you my name and I don't want this to continue either, get lost" he growled the last part. He made his strides longer, trying to get away from him. He wished he was taller, and faster... Hell, he wished he was born an alpha, or human, as long as he could be left alone!
Maximus stopped and smirked at the attitude before following him again. He was an alpha, no one told him what to do. Usually he would get pissed of and kill someone but in this case it turned him on. "Well I have to call you something so unless you don't give me a name I'm just going to call you cutie because that's what you are." He smirked and easily fell into step with the young omega wolf. "Oh and by the way, I like em feisty." He said as he kept following him.
"Well I don't 'like'em at all" Clarence said, still being his stubborn self as always. However he didn't want to be called 'cutie' either. He groaned softly, rubbing a hand down his face before pushing blonde curls out his eyes and fixing the alpha with another glare. "Clarence... My names Clarence, if you really have to know" he mumbled with a soft sigh. They were out of the market and back on the regular streets heading towards his apartment when he suddenly thought of something. He didn't want this guy knowing where he lived. "Now would you please leave me alone? I don't have time for you alphas, I'm not looking for a mate, I don't want one."
"Clarence.." Maximus repeated, liking the way it rolled off of his tongue. "I like it, it suits you." He happily kept following the omega, overjoyed that he got a name out of the guy. Maximus knew Clarence was just trying to get rid of him but he wouldn't let it happen. He smiled when Clarence stopped moving and asked him to leave again. "What do I have to do to stay with you?" This guy was running his patience, but he didn't want anyone just grabbing and forcing his omega to do something he didn't want. He was staying with this pup, he was not going to let him get off so easily. He would even put his beta, his most trustful pack members on watch if he needed to. "So where do you live at?" He asked. "I'll walk you home."
Clarence raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "You hardly know me, and to be quite frank, I don't really want to know you" he said a just stiffly. He turned away again and resumed walking away. "I don't think that's a good idea, why would I want you to know where I live? I don't like you, I don't like any alpha" he stated. "And I don't need any alpha to walk me home, I'm perfectly fine on my own."
Maximus frowned and glared at the Omega, how dare he talk to him as if he was like any other alpha. "But I like you and I always get what I want." He said with a slight growl, his wolf was being impatient. "I will have you, I won't let any other alpha have you. You can't run from me, I have your scent and it's too intoxicating to forget." He said honestly. "You let me walk you home and I'll leave you alone for today." He just wanted to make sure that Clarence would get home safe, he didn't want any other alpha touching what was his. "Your innocent scent is all over the damn place, someone might actually take advantage of you as soon as they small you. I just want to walk you home, that's it."
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