My Faunas and Such

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  1. Jegigol here, looking to share some ideas I have about animals and plants! I'm not sure how original I am, but I'll start with showing some very, very, very simple things regarding my world, known as "Triket". Triket is a hellish place, and the only life found on it is in the form of golems. Now, this stuff was just jotted down and whatnot, so it is really up for your imagination to try to gain an illustrational thought. (Hint: I have no idea if this is world showcasing or miscellaneous.)

    Triket Fauna:

    Trik(s)- Large quadruped beasts with a rocky exterior. Similar in appearance to a drake, these nasty creatures roam the vast plains in packs. They are occasionally kept as pets by the various intelligent things inhabiting the land.

    Ophen- Tall, heavy, magmatic golems with a body both hard and liquid as mantle. They're responsible for the various forts found throughout the vast plains. Intelligent, but incapable of speech but fluidly use gestures and some kinds of sign language.

    Yik(s)- Small, swift, and prickly, yiks are the common avian-variant found on Triket. They have a hollow shell that's littered with dense spikes. They are able to kill even the biggest beasts in numbers. Fortunately for many, they are typically solitary.

    Yiddul- The beastly yiddul, a kind of yik. Gargantuant in size and close to a vulture's form, they soar the black ashen skies of Triket, hunting for others of its kind or wandering for land-based prey.

    Udan- Odd creatures, udan swim through the lakes of lava, eating other types of pyrotic life they come across. Two extremely sharp horns grow from their back, aiming forward. They use these to impale prey, and they can reach seven feet in length. This occasionally leaves something too far to feast on. To remedy this, udan developed a detachable jaw that can stretch ten feet from the torso.

    (Sorry, I don't know how to shrink this into a neat little pocket!)

    Udlok- Small and innocent, this lil' beauty boasts a colorful selection of metal scales and a cool temper. It swims extremely fast, and its scales give it a hardened look, as well as protection. It also takes time to agitate it, making it harmless to most things.

    Kudosen- Towering quadruped creatures, and unbelievably strong. Able to reach seven stories, kudosen are one of the titans found on Triket. They protect themselves by releasing cryotic discharges from their pads(feet). Kudosen also feed off underground pockets of a material known as loet. One can tell a kudosen is nearby by the occasional thunderous gurgling noises they tend to make.

    Gohln(s)- Another type of intelligent golem. Thin, somewhat dense, but capable of using cryotic thaumaturgies. Their body has no molten material in it, all solid. This gives then a tighter control over how they move, it seems, as they are much swifter than Ophen. They live underground in arctic temperatures they produce themselves

    That's... 'bout it.
  2. I feel nervous sharing stuff on here, as I have no idea where anything is supposed to be posted specifically. ;3;