My Fantasy World Journey's End can't be this Apocalyptic!

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What sort of apocalypse should this be?

  1. Basic Zombie/Mutation

    3 vote(s)
  2. Fallout-esque

    1 vote(s)
  3. Or something entirely different

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  1. This is just an idea I have been tossing around for some time.

    Basic premise is a small group of people get sent to a fantasy world. They slay the demon lord or whatever. Basic stuff.

    When they get back to their world though... they find out that it has ended.

    And now they have but one of two choices. Find out how to get back to the world they came from (or to some other other world) or survive using the three gifts they were allowed to bring back with them and the skills they acquired while there.

    This will be an RPG, so game mechanics will be attached. (Already have my template system that I use in my other RPs, ill be tweaking it for this RP specifically)

    Naturally more than the goal, other things will happen on the journey. And of course... characters can (and maybe will) die.

    But yea. Normal humans turned fantasy characters manage to return and now must survive an apocalypse.

    Looking for 4 - 6 people. Writing will be Casual/Adept. Looking for at least one post a day speed, if not more if able, but one post a day would be the best. ​
  2. We have one vote for basic zombies/mutants.

    Another vote for something else.

    An idea for something else could be aliens, robots, or even an apocalypse caused by magic itself.

    Lots of ideas for apocalypse, even just the basic fall of society could work.
  3. Ill put up what exactly the 'gifts' can be soon.
  4. Two votes towards zombies now for some reason. Anyway, will have more info up soon.
  5. The Gifts
    Your heroes journey long and hard during the time they were in this other world, and defeating the Demon Lord was no easy task. As such, along with the Skills and Experience they accumulated while in this other world, the denizens of this world would have bestowed the heroes with three gifts of their choice before sending them back to their world.

    These can be many things, ranging from a special weapon, a magical item, to even a Familiar or material wealth. Something that is special to this world that they wouldn't normally be able to take back to their own world. This could even include a book of spells.

    Note of course, if your gift is a material object then it can very well be lost. And once its lost, it'll be quite difficult (if not impossible) to get back.

    Naturally for the sake of game balance, since your characters will be starting with these gifts, the gifts can't be some sort of god weapon that kill everything in one strike. I will provide a small list of sample gift that you can and cannot have a bit later.

    Naturally, as they were in a fantasy world, your characters would have, or at least could have, acquired the power of magic. Of course, (while it will vary per form of apocalypse, depending on what we decide upon), magic will be less effective (and possibly even detrimental) to utilize in the apocalyptic world you all return to.

    While I have not finalized the workings of magic yet (as it depends on the form of apocalypse we all decide upon) the basics of magic work as such. The amount of Spells you can know at one time will depend upon your characters' intelligence. Naturally possessing something like a Spell Book or other form of magical recording device (like runestones, crystals, a familiar, etcetera) will give you access to more magical abilities you can possess at one time.

    If you ever want to change the Spells you know, you have to essentially 'purge' the Magic from your mind and then write in another spell. Essentially, in the Fantasy World of Arcadia that you all went to, the human mind works as a USB drive for Magic. You can only have so much recorded in it, and if you want different forms of magic then you must spend time recording new Spells in your mind or upon an appropriate format (like a Spell Book, which is specially made for saving "Spell Data" and not just a book you write spells in).

    So even the characters with the most intelligence will be limited to knowing at most 5 Spells at one time, unless of course they either possess or SOMEHOW make/acquire an additional Magical Storage Medium (MSM).

    So for a Mage, having a Spell book as a Gift could be useful. Just note that the Spells you record in a Spell book are permanent, and if your Spell book is damaged or lost, than so are those Spells. Plus using a Spell book will leave both hands occupied.

    Magic Ideas

    Here are some ideas for how Magic could be affected based on the form of apocalypse.

    If its something normal like Zombies, Mutations, the fall of society, etcetera then it may be something as simple as Magic is simply less effective in this world due to minimal amounts of Mana in the air.

    For something like Nuclear fallout or other such things were the environment is just as devastated, then using magic could actually have physical or mental affects when utilized, things that would not be easy to recover from (like Radiation Poisoning).

    But yea, just throwing out more info for now. Ill get it more organized later. ​
  6. This sounds really interesting =^.^=
  7. Glad to have your interest.

    That's one so far, hoping to get about three to five more people.
  8. School's kicking my butt, but i'll have more info up soon.
  9. Putting this on hold for now. Ill boot the idea up later. (And hopefully more interest will come next time)

    Am too busy at the moment to make another RP.
  10. awe, well I'll still be interested when you decide to return to it! (though I might forget and need tagged) =^.^=
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