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    It seems that you have been blessed enough to find this little thread of mine. Please excuse the title, it seemed interesting enough and I liked it. However, I'm not into smut or 18+ roleplays. If that's what you thought my intentions were, then you can leave this page and go somewhere else. If you are someone who is actually interested in my idea's, then I urge you to keep on reading. Word of caution though. Make sure you can handle my expectations so I don't have to argue with you. Understood? Good. Now that I have said that, please continue.


    Time to lay down my expectations and rules. Did you really think there wouldn't be any? There's always rules, how would this thread be any different? Moving on, I warn you. I don't want anything below my expectations. I said this above and I'm saying it again because it's important.

    ⇒ I only do F x M. I don't have anything against Bisexual or Homosexual people, but I'm not comfortable roleplaying like that.
    ⇒ Absolutely no over powered characters. If I think your character is too powerful, I will tell you. Don't argue, just fix it.
    ⇒ What I say goes. I'm in charge here so if I think something is wrong, I will say so. Don't argue with me, it won't end well for you.
    ⇒ If you lose interest, tell me. Don't just disappear then come back a week later after I ask you about it and tell me you lost interest. It's childish.
    ⇒ I expect at least one post per two day. I'm on here daily. If you have to be gone for a while, tell be beforehand. If your gone longer then three days without posting or telling me about your absence, the idea will be opened for anyone else to take and you'll be left in the cold.
    ⇒ I will not except one liners, AT ALL. It's absolutely annoying and hard to reply too. I enjoy roleplaying with others and one liners gives me the thought that you have no real interest.
    ⇒ You get two strikes. No more, no less. Once your two strikes are up, I will stop roleplaying with you and reopen the idea. And don't come crawling back to me asking for another chance. The answer will be no every time.
    ⇒ Do not steal my ideas! I cam up with these on my own or had friends help me come up with them. We put effort into this and to steal it is just immature and I will find you. Once I do, I will report you and leave the mods to deal with you. Thieves are not treated well by me.
    ⇒ If you fall below my expectations, I have every right to stop roleplaying with you and leave you out in the cold. You have been warned, so I expect you to remember these or come back and look. I've been nice about this before and it's only ruined things for everyone. Don't fall below expectations.


    Now that all of that's over, how about we get to these idea's I've been talking about, hmm? If you look below this, you'll see them. Start browsing and make sure to watch this thread! I will update it whenever I get a new idea or whenever one idea is taken/reopened. I've organized it in order so you will be able to easily find what you'd like. With that said, I'll talk to you later! Bye bye~


    Modern & Modern Fantasy are first [Slice of life, Comedy, etc.]
    Fantasy & Sci-Fi are second [Supernatural, Magic, etc]

    Anthro's are third [Click here to see what they are]
    Fandoms are last [HTTYD, Harry Potter, etc]

    Shy x Outgoing

    This one doesn't really have a story line cause I want me and my partner to come up with the idea as we go along. Hope that's cool!

    Singer x Songwriter

    He's your typical fame-gone-to-the-head Idol who just so happens to attend the same school as the girl who writes all his songs. Many girls are jealous and despise her because they spend so much time together but the truth is, the two practically despise each other. They're so different that it's hard to be around each other. But for some reason, they can't help but want to be with each other all the time. Things continue like this, both keeping their feelings secret but one day he's given the chance to pursue his dream. The director of the big record dealing company Griffin wants to make him a star! Which means no more School Idol, and that he'll have to leave his Songwriter behind. Will he leave her behind and go after what he's wanted since he was young or will he stay and decide to be with her? How will things turn out for them? All shall be revealed in the future.

    Rich x Poor [On Hold]

    She's a girl born into a rich family who runs Zodiac Corp, the biggest business company in the North, South, and West. Him on the other hand, is striving to keep his family from being homeless. Desperate to keep them all alive, he takes on a job to be someone's personal butler. However, it's only on the first day of his job that he finds out he's to be the butler for the only daughter of the couple who run Zodiac Corp. Because of their troubled pasts, the two don't get along in the beginning, but as time progresses, they start hanging out a lot. They soon become best friends but he wants them to be something more. Before he gets a chance to confess his feelings, she finds out her parents died in a horrid car crash and sinks into depression. He starts to worry cause he's heard her talk about suicide before. One night, on his way home, he sees her through the window of her room with a knife. Will he be able to stop her before it's too late? Will she be able to find the strength to get back on her feet? All shall be revealed in the future.

    Best Friend x Abused [On Hold]
    She gets abused by her father and he doesn't know even though they've been friends for three months. The saddest part is that they're in Middle School. Her father is an alcoholic and every day, she had new bruises she hides from the world. He doesn't know about this until school starts to come to an end and the weather gets very warm. She wears long sleeve shirts and jeans, even if she seems hot. He starts to suspect something so he follows her home after school. He sees her father drink, then disappear into a room. When he comes out, he has her in his grasp. Sadly, her best friend had to witness her as she gets abused. The next day, he says something to her and they start fighting. In the end, she runs off. Will things continue like this? Will he be able to help her? All that be revealed in the future.

    Magic x Wanted
    She was born with magical powers and has a choice to use them for good, or for evil. He's your typical teenage high school boy. Well, not really. Something about the boy makes demons and evil spirits target him. He's been running from the creatures all his life, always able to avoid them somehow. They meet when he's running, and she saves his life. Afterwards, the two talk and decide that she'll become his bodyguard until they're able to find out why the demons want him. Many secrets will be revealed and the holes in the family history will be filled. Will they be able to find out why the dark entities want him dead? What will happen to our two hero's? All shall be revealed in the future.

    Romeo x Juliet [On Hold]

    They were born into families who hated and despised each other. Both were big companies aiming for the top. The families had been taught to hate the other, which is why it's only ever tension in the air when someone from each family come across each other. However, the two youngest children don't know why it's like this. One night, out in the towns garden, the two meet for the first time. Of course, neither knows that the other is from the hated family, so they become friends. They hung out day and night, oblivious to the truth. Until one afternoon. They were hanging out like usual and she was gonna confess her feelings, when his older brother suddenly shoved her away and pulled him towards him. They found out the hard way that they were meant to be enemies since the day they were born. What will happen to the two love birds? Will they ever be able to confess their feelings for one another or will they have to forever hate one another? All shall be revealed in the future.

    Canine x Feline
    For as long as anyone could remember, the two tribes have been at war with each other. Each side knows of loss and hate, yet their hate is directed towards each other. However, one of each side wish for this war to come to an end. One night, a girl from the Feline tribe enters the wood which stands between the two tribes. She only stops upon reaching the river which acts as a border that keeps the two tribes separate. While there, she encounters a boy from the Canine tribe. As time continues, they become friends and then lovers. One night, she waits for him at the river but is captured by Canine guards. He doesn't know and arrives at the river shortly after she was taken. Because she never came, he thinks she no longer cared for him. The next day, the Canine's go into Feline territory where they were going to kill her to make the Feline Tribe stand down and become prisoners. Will he save her? Will the Feline Tribe fight back or stand down? All shall be revealed in the future.

    Chobit x Human Owner
    It's the year of 2035 and the world has created Persocoms. These things are personal computers created into Androids. They have feelings and memories like any other human, however, they aren't. Because they are very expensive, our high school student cannot afford one. On the way home one night after work, he stumbles upon a Persocom created to look like a beautiful girl, laid down in the trash. He brings her home where he lives alone [maybe an accident that caused parents to die?]. After turning her on, his life is opened to a whole new world. Now he has a girl living with him, which can be a big responsibility since he has to buy her clothes and such. One day, a friend of his comes over and notices that the Persocom has emotions and such. He explains that normal Persocoms don't have that and after her owner tries to use his mobile Persocom to find out what brand she is and the Persocom crashed, they decided to take her to a professional. As it turns out, the Persocom was one of the legendary series of Persocoms who have emotions and free will. They were called Chobits. Once they learned this, things started getting dangerous. People wanted the Chobit and would do anything to get her. But being the loyal owner, he won't allow it. Will someone be able to steal the Chobit? Will he be able to protect her? Is it worth fighting for? All shall be revealed in the future.

    I will add more later on. I promise! Until then, please be patient. If you have an idea and want to roleplay with me, just say so. If you have a group roleplay in need of players or you'd want me to join, just send me the link and I'll check it out.
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  2. I would love to do any of these plots~~ If you want me to play male that's fine, but I prefer playing females~ I can do whichever plot, but the Rich and Poor, Magin and Wanted, and Canine and Feline stand out the most
  3. Rich x Poor is on hold for requests right now because I think someone wants to do it. The others are open though.
  4. Maybe Romeo and Juliet. Lots of opertunity for drama.
  5. @IceQueen Sure thing! PM me and we'll talk some more

    Also, I have added a new Idea!
  6. I'm willing to do the Best Friend/Abused one. Um I can do either gender but I'd kinda prefer female however again I don't really mind.

    Um there's some stuff happening in the family right now and if I have to suddenly travel somewhere I might not be able to post for a few days. Sorry if this bugs it's just if I have to leave it will be without warning for a couple days probably.

    (Also if I get like grounded....*COugh*)
  7. Sorry, but it's on hold. Someone messaged me about it while I was at school and I didn't have time to update today. Please forgive me for that small mistake. However, I am planning on adding a few more. Would you like me to notify you when I do so?
  8. Oh that's sad ...ok yeah just message me or something when you have more up...
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