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My Fair Lady Guinevere

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Incandescent, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Lady Elanie, crimson

    The bright morning sun has shone brightly, leaking all its rays of sunlight into the Queen's bedroom. Only the sweet sounds of the mixture of the wind and birds chirping were heard outside the lovely Kingdom -- all waiting on King Arthur and his knights return from the war. Elanie felt her heart beating faster as each second passes. The anticipation rises as the sound of stumbling servants run around outside the courtyard preparing for the Kings arrival. She, herself, was seated outside of the Queen's balcony, in Kings tower. Her brown eyes watched vigilantly outside from the high tower, eager to see the red banners held up high. Despite her loyalty to King Arthur she only wished to see two knights only -- her son and the father. The noblewoman turned around, creating the ends of her long dress to flow beautifully, the red silk shined brightly when the sunlight kissed the fabric softly. She walked gracefully with her hand on top of each other underneath her breasts. She entered the Queen's domain with an eager expression painted on her face. Her eyes scanned the room watching all the maidservants bringing in clothes, jewels, anything that would appease the beautiful Queen. Her eyes turned away from the maidservants and towards the queen.

    The sight of the lovely Queen made Elanie cringe. Seeing the lovely lady made her envious. The envy manifested within her, creating her facial features darker. The beautiful queen sat with all the glory and pride that came along with such a prestigious title. She walked towards a seat beside the Queen looking out at the balcony waiting for the red banners to be held up high for her to see. She yearned to see the knight’s face, especially Lancelot's. Her eyes glistened at the touch of the sunlight. She averted her gaze when the clouds shifted away from the sun. The woman pushed away the strands of hair that fell from her face then quickly smoothed her dress, looking as best as possible. She laid her eyes on the queen. A look of detest and hatred was hidden under a facade of a smile. "My Queen, are you excited to see our valiant knights on this fine morning?" Her voice spoke in a gentle tone towards the queen. Her hands were placed on her laps, her right hand overlapping her left. She fixated her vision on Guinevere scanning each and every little details to the Queen's appearance. Only Elanie was willing to challenge the Queen herself. The woman detested any woman who seemed to have caught the eye of her gallant Sir Lancelot. The woman was engulfed with jealousy and envy. She treated the male knight as a prize, a simple possession she must have. She hid this horrendous truth by using the word, love.

    Deep within her thoughts the distinctive sound of Guinevere's handmaid quickly grabbed her attention by a simple hand placement on her shoulder. The handmaid squeezed her shoulder lightly, only enough to grab the brunette's attention. She looked up to see the handmaid has only brought out a silver plate of beautiful cups with a beautiful flower design. Elanie smiled at the handmaid pushing away the small materials from the table. The handmaid rested the cup on the table and bowed. She watched as the handmaid leave from the room like the rest only leaving Elanie with the Queen. She took the cup by the handle that grew from its side. Her fingers wrapped around the handle and brought the cup towards her body. She didn't take a sip. She let the scorching tea take its time to cool down before she dare let the rim of the cups touch her lips. A prolong moment of silence dawned upon them until a sound of a horn from afar was blown. Elanie placed her cup down on the table standing up eagerly.

    She forgotten about the Queen's presence and walked towards the balcony eagerly. She felt her heartbeat beat faster than before. A smile painted her lips when she saw a red banners held up high from the banner men. She squeaked a giggle. The sight of King Arthur and the Round Table Knights was a clear sight of glory to the Kingdom. Joyous cheer from the town front of the castle filled the morning air. The sight of the entire army with only a few men gone was a relief. However she could easily make out terrible wounds that would need weeks or months to repair. She frowned at that thought but quickly smiled at the sight of Lancelot riding beside Arthur. The gallant knight rode with a straight back and a prideful look on his face. Elanie's smile grew bigger as Arthur's army entered the town. The sound within the castle grew loud. She heard sounds of quick footsteps echoing from the hallways. The brunette burst out from the balcony and into the Queen's room twirling. The ends of her dress twirled along with her, creating a puffy appearance.

    "Isn't a miracle? Most of the men have returned safe with only small cuts and bruises." She pointed out in a joyous tone. It was a simple victory for King Arthur. The sweet taste of victory lingered around her tongue. Elanie was a proud woman of her Kingdom. She had high standards when it came to battles or wars. The woman knew jack about war strategy, all she was aware of, is that she took defeat terrible
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