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  1. So hello everyone. I am new to this scene, but i am not new to role playing. I've role played for some time now and i would like to do so here.

    My name is Kuziya and first i want to tell you that i can post from one to three paragraphs. I usually try to match what my partner gives me. I don't like one liners because i feel like the role play will go nowhere if that happens. Also people have told me that nothing like this happens here, but still please please please don't just drop me during the role play. I don't appreciate it and i'm sure that if it happened to anyone else they wouldn't like it either.

    Anyway i look forward to role play ing with all of you.
    For now goodbye and i hope we can role play some time soon.
  2. Hullo Kuziya!

    First off, people have misled you. There will always be partners that will up and abandon a roleplay. It happens. The best thing to do is just write it off and continue on your merry way. There is no roleplaying site around that can guarantee you that won't happen. That being said, I don't believe that it happens often. Keep good communication lines open and you should be fine!


    I'm not sure if you prefer 1x1s or Group Roleplays, but we have many requests/sign-ups in both categories that are currently open and accepting. Feel free to look through those and see if anything tickles your fancy. If not, don't hesitate to start your own. With so many members, I can almost promise you'll find somebody who is into the same things that you are. :D

    Don't hesitate to ask questions!

  3. That is true. Thanks for the advice. I like 1x1 but i want to be apart of the groups too. So like i said thank you.
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  4. Welcome! ^^
    I hope you enjoy your time here.
  5. Thanks still trying to figure out how to really post. That sounds like a newbie thing. Anyway so far I like it here.
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