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  1. This world is simply known as Obris, and the two dominate species are demon and elves. And they have been warring for centuries. Long ago they did live in peace, that was thousands of years ago. What started the war, was that a demon prince killed the Elven king. And they have been warring ever since, but eventually after centuries of blood shed and battle, they simply forgot what started the war. The now ruling kings were wiser than their ancestors war and decided that enough was enough. That they need to make peace some how....

    King Marius sat on his throne staring into space. He kept pawing over ideas on how to make peace with the Elves. Hell, he even had his advisors coming up with ideas. As he was sitting there, his son Colubra walks by, he was his only son. As Colubra left the room and idea popped into the Kings head. His son...That's it! He would offer his only son, his only heir as a peace token. Then he quickly sent word to the Elven kingdom. And soon an arrangment was made. That Marius' son was to marry an Elven Princess. But on one condition, that the Elven Princess had to travel to their kingdom. So that she and the demon prince would get to know each other some what and learn thier ways and afterwards his son would go to the Princess' kingdom to learn thier ways.

    Col couldn't believe what his father said to him- that he had to marry an elf. That was an absurd idea. And why would his father want to make peace? War and Violence were fun. Marius looks at his son. "Now son, be respective and kind. You need to make a good impression on your soon to be wife." He says, trying to give his son good adivce. He knew his son could be arrogent and self centered, not to mention cold and cruel. But Marius knew the reason for the coldness and cruelity. He had been in love before. And not to mention constantly shunned by other demons. His mother was a serpent demon- a dying and rare breed. While his father is a fire demon. Col turned out more like his mother.Col rolls his eyes, not liking the idea one bit and it seemed what his father had said, just when in one ear and out the other. "Father, why does this happen? Why can't there be any other way?" He asks.

    Marius looks at his son, "It was best advised by my advisors." He says. Col lets out a serpent like hiss at the sound of this. And then he rolls his eyes again. "Fine, when does this Elven Princess arrive?" He asks, not really wanting to hear the answer. "She will be arriving...actually today." He says. Colubra winces and lets out another hiss of irritation. "FIne..." He says to his father. "And let me guess, I'll need to go greet her?" He asks. His father nods, "Yes you do son." He says. Col sighs and leaves his chambers, too look out of a tower, waiting for his wife to be.
  2. Merilneth sighed softly that morning as she woke up in the morning to her father running into her room and yelling for her to rise already. "Merilneth,my dear,I know it is early but you must rise!" He would yell over and over again,causing her to throw a pillow in his direction. "Fine,father!" She yelled and sat up,pushing hair from her face as she regarded her frazzled father. She rose from her bed gracefully and walked into her closet to chose a dress for the day.

    "I have already packed for you but you must put your traveling gown on." Her father said,poking his head past the door. "We are going to the demon kingdom since you are going to be marrying the prince." He said sternly and she nodded. She tended to not argue with much and was incredibly passive unless you said something against her father. "Yes,father." She said in a monotone voice and pulled out her favorite travelling gown,dressing quickly. "Why am I marrying the prince of the demon kingdom?" She asked as she walked with her father to the horses.

    "Because we are making peace." Came his response as he helped her mount her horse,Midnight. She had known Midnight since he was a foal and he was the only horse that she ever rode. Merilneth nodded slightly and they took off,heading for the demon kingdom. She kept up a conversation with the guard who was tasked with riding beside her,in front of the party. She was laughing as they came upon the castle and her laugh died off slowly as she took in the castle.

    "Wow." She said softly,looking to the guard with a grin and looked up,searching for the man she was going to be marrying when the gates opened,drawing her attention back to the ground.
  3. Col soon sees the Princess riding into the castle on her horse. He jumps down out of the tower, landing gracfully on his two feet. He lets out a sigh, not really wanting to do this. But it would make his father happy, so he would do it. He heads toward the throne room. He stands near the door way and listens to the conversation his father was having with the Elvin Princess. "Merilneth, it's so nice to finally meet you. I hope you will feel welcomed here. And I hope you will feel comfortable here too. If there is anything that we can get you to make you feel comfortable." He says. "Colubra!" Marius says calling his son. Col lets out a sigh again and then decides to enter the throne room. He leans against the wall near the enterance of the the throne room. He had his arms crossed, looking rather unamused. He was shirtless, with a pair of pants on that had armor on them. And he had no shoes on. And he had two swords attached to his belt. His eyes held no emotion still with the unamused look on his face.

    "It's Col for short." He says in a cold tone. Marius looks at his son, "Colubra, will take you to your chambers." He says. Col rolls his eyes. And with out saying anything, he turns around and goes out of the throne room. Not really caring that she was following him or not. He turns around and sees that she was following him, "Your room is across the hall from mine." He says and points at her room. "Need anything, pull the rope in your room and a servant will be at your service." He says coldly and then goes to his room, slamming the door behind him. It was clear that he wasn't into socializing much. He would have to be forced to spend time with her. And he didn't care if he was sending a clear message that he didn't want part of this at all.
  4. Merilneth nodded slightly at the king's words and smiled slightly. "Thank you." She managed to say before having to hurry after Colubra to go to her room without getting lost. She sighed slightly at the tone he had taken with her and looked over at the guard who was still following close behind her. He looked very cross and she started to laugh. "He can't be serious." The guard said crossly,which sent Merilneth deeper into her laughter. "I'll tell you what he is," she said,sobering. "He's a child who has no other way to disobey his father,so he disobeys the only way he can,being rude and cold to the person he is going to be marrying whether he likes it or not." She said crossly before walking into her room,frowning slightly.

    The room was adequate size but with the amount of servants that were running around,it felt smaller than it was. Merilneth sighed slightly and sent the servants from the room with a cross command. She rolled her shoulders once she was alone with the guard only and sat down on the edge of the bed. "I need plants." She said softly and he went running from the room to find a servant since she had no desire to touch the grungy looking rope that was hanging in her room. Plants were the one thing that kept her calm when she was distressed,she loved looking after them and since there were none in the room,she needed some.

    Her guard didn't come back for a while and during that time,she was able to hang her dresses in the closet and change the coarse sheets that were on the bed. She was a rather independent girl and did not like servants doing things for her that she could do for herself,like dressing her. She found that baffling,how some women needed other women to dress them,well not her. Her eyes went to the door as she was smoothing out the duvet on the bed and the door opened,showing the king of this kingdom. She curtsied and lowered her eyes to the ground. "Your majesty." She said softly,still slightly distressed that Gonnith hadn't returned yet with plants for her. "Have you seen my guard,Gonnith? I sent him from the room to fetch me some plants some time ago and he hasn't returned yet." She asked quietly,never raising her eyes from the floor.
  5. Marius had come to talk to his son, he wasn't pleased on the way he acted when he saw the princess. And then he heard someone shouting to open the Elvin Princess' door. He saw that the guard and some of the servants carrying plants. So he opens the door for them. "He is right behind me." He says to her as the guard came into the room followed by the servants going into the room as well. After words, Marius turns around and goes across the hall to his son's room. He doesn't knock, he just opens the door. Col was laying on his bed, petting his pet snake, Jazz. That is what he liked to do to unwind after the day was over or if he just wanted to be alone. "You should go apologize to the Princess, it's not right the way you treated her." He says. Colubra rolls his eyes, "What ever." He says to him. Marius frowns at his son, Col had been defiant since his mother died when he was 8 years old. "Colubra..." Marius says. Col sighs and rolls his eyes, "Fine." He says to him. "And after you apologize to her, give her a tour of the kingdom." He adds and then walks away. Col rolls his eyes once again, he really didn't want to do this. He would rather just be on his own, being a antisocial like normal. But he didn't want to listen to his father complain or holler at him. So he sighs and leaves his room. He then goes over across the hall and knocks on the door. When the guard answers, Col had that look on his face as when he did met the Elvin Princess. "My father told me to give The Evlin Princess a tour of the kingdom." He says. He didn't even use her name, and he didn't care what looks he got from the guard or from her. Col stood there with his arms crossed, waiting impatiently. He even was tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for her to get ready for her to follow after him.
  6. Merilneth nodded slightly and relaxed a little once all of the plants had been placed around her room,filling it with the earthy scent that she loved so much. Her eyes went to the door a few minutes later when she heard Colubra's voice and she made a face to the wall. She looked over at Gonnith a few seconds later and shook her head. Gonnith looked back at Gonnith and smiled happily. "The princess Merilneth has decided to not go anywhere with you until you start treating her better." He said,knowing exactly what Merilneth wanted him to say and Merilneth nodded,fussing about some of the plants. She was happy just being there with Gonnith,he was a lifelong friend of hers and she was glad that he had been assigned as her guard last year for her birthday.

    Her eyes went to the door again and she rolled her eyes as her father went past Gonnith,into the room. "Father!" She exclaimed and he gave her a stern look,immediately going into the I am in charge state that he rarely ever had to take with her. "He offered to take you around the kingdom and you-" He started to say before she interrupted him. "Sorry father,but if that child does not change how he speaks to me and about me,I will be going nowhere with him." She said plainly,turning her attention back to her plants. She gasped slightly when her father's hand gripped her elbow tightly and pulled her back to him,facing him. "We need this Merilneth,just pretend that you enjoy his company,please." He asked of her and she sighed,relenting but she wasn't going anywhere until he apologized to her and she made that very plain to everyone within hearing distance of her.
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  7. Col stood there looking even more impatient than when he started talking to her, when his father told him to. He rolls his eyes, why must he apologize to her? It wasn't his idea to socialize with her. He was frowning, and then he sighs once again. It was an irritated sounding sigh. Before speaking he rolls his eyes again. "Fine... I'm sorry for the way I treated you." He says. It obviously wasn't a sincere apology. He was just saying that to get her to go with him. If she wasn't going to go with her, he would simply force her to. He didn't want to hear it from his father. Colubra stands there with his arms crossed, trying to be patient. But being patient wasn't his forte. When she didn't say anything, and just stood there. He sighs and decided to just take her by the wrist and begins to drag her down the hall. He was just as stubborn as she was, maybe even more stubborn. "I don't care what you have to say to me, and I don't care what you think. I am doing what I am supposed to do." He says to her and continues to drag her down the hall. "Between you and me, I don't even want to do this. Nor do I wanna marry you." He says. "I prefer war than peace." He adds.They soon leave the castle. As they walk down a path going toward the kingdom. A few demons upon the path, stop and hiss at Col. Col hisses back and ignores them, doing what he is supposed to do.
  8. Merilneth resists the urge to rip her arm from his grip,sighing softly as she looked around. "I do not want to marry you either but I prefer peace and would like the pointless deaths to stop." She said as she walked behind him slightly,her eyes staying on his hand that was still gripping her wrist. "You can let go of my arm,I have nowhere to run." She said softly and gently pulled on her arm,wanting her arm back and not wanting to have more physical contact with him than she needed to have. Merilneth glanced about her and frowned slightly,the people who were supposed to adore their prince,look as if they hate him. The smell that was filling her nose outside of the castle was horrid,there was no trace of plant life at all,which caused her heart pain.

    "Why does it appear like your people hate you?" She asked,looking at the back of his head as they walked and flinched slightly closer to him as one of his people came close to touching her. She looked behind her and saw that Gonnith wasn't following her,causing her heart to drop,she didn't know how to protect herself without him,everything she had learned was based on him being present. Merilnenth drew her attention back to the arrogant prince who was dragging her along behind him and she couldn't repress the shiver of distaste,it wasn't that he wasn't good looking,because he was but his personality was what was throwing her off. She knew how to deal with stubborn boys,she did have five brothers after all but this,she didn't know how to deal with it.
  9. Col looks at her, "Because I'm the only one of my kind, a serpent. They're almost exinct, I'm the only one left." He says to her. "Other demons think that serpents were worthless and nothing but theives." He says to her explaining. "As you can see my father isn't one. My mother was one, I took after her. She died when I was eight years old." He says. And then he begins to think of something to change the subject. "So, do you like to read?" He asks offically changing the subject. "The library is huge..." He adds. He wasn't dragging her now, since she was following him. He leads her toward a large stone building. It was one of the largest in the kingdom. Once they were at the door, he opens it for her. "The library is one of the largest buildings in the kingdom." He adds. "The only reason I am bringing you here, is so that you can learn the naitve languge of the kingdom, since we will be getting married. And I will be doing the same when we go to your kingdom." He adds. He hadn't been in the library in a long time. He begins to look up and down the isles, looking for the right books for her to start reading and learning.
  10. Merilneth nodded slightly at his explanation and resisted the urge to say she was sorry for his mother's death since she had a feeling that he would not appreciate her expressing her feelings. She smiled softly as she passed him into the library and couldn't help the small intake of breath at the size of the room. "The library at my home isn't even close to this size." She said softly and nodded slightly to his question. "Yes,I love to read." She said and watched him as he walked around,looking for books for her to read. As he was going around to retrieve books,she wandered about,enjoying looking at paintings and sculptures that had been placed around the space.

    It was quite beautiful in the room and she was slightly shocked at this. She had been taught that demons knew nothing about beauty and yet,the library was more beautiful than the one her father had commissioned when she was a child. She stopped walked when she came to a pair of chairs in front of a fireplace and lowered herself into on,resting her head against the back as she listened to Colubra walk around. He was quite loud but it was a slightly comforting sound,since she was not a fan of silence and she was used to the sounds of people since she had a rather large family. As she rested her head,she started to actually doze off but it was a light enough sleep that she jerked awake when she heard Colubra coming near her.
  11. Indeed Col was very loud and he did it on purpose too. He comes over to her with a huge stack of books. "Besides the language, I got books on our history and other such things too." He says and puts the stack down with a loud thud. It echoed through out the library. He noticed that she had seemed rather surprised, "My father had this place built for my mother before I was born." He says explaining. "She loved to read and learn." He adds. He wasn't going to tell her, but he too liked to learn new things. He then sits in a chair that was across from her and lounges in it, looking rather bored. This time he had a vest on, the pocket of the vest wriggled some, as if something was in it. He opens the pocket and pulls out a small snake, it was another companion of his. He scratches it under it's chin, the small serpent seemed to lean into his touch, liking being scratched there. And then it wrapped around his fingers playfully. Colubra actually smiled for once. This was the first time he smiled in front of her. The snake slithered up his arm and rested around the back of his neck. It was looking at her now, almost as if it was studying her. It flicked it's tongue out at her, getting her scent. "I hope you're not afraid of snakes." He says to her.
  12. Merilneth listened to him explain the library and nodded slightly,turning her attention to the large pile of books that he had placed in front of her. She opened the first book on the pile and ran her fingers lightly over the page,not able to stop the small smile that played at her lips,she loved to read. The first book was on their language and she was determined to learn that,even if she didn't use it,she wanted to know. "Our languages aren't that different actually,it's mostly the pronunciation that is different." She said after reading a few pages.

    Her eyes went back to him when he made a comment about snakes and they widened slightly at the snake that was looking at her. "Hello,there." She said softly,raising a hand in a small wave in the snake's direction. "I don't particularly like them but I am not afraid of them." She said before turning her attention back to the books. She rested her chin on one of her hands,which caused her to lean slightly toward Colubra,but she did not notice,she was too into the book she was skimming through.
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