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  1. If you have found your way to this thread, awesome sauce. Ugh. No one says that anymore, god get it together Crimson. This thread will contain: Fandoms, pairing ideas, and maybe some plots. I'm looking for partners who is really comfortable with anything. Like doubling up, switching back and forth in dominant roles on MxM or FxF. One of my ideas will include drug use but nothing major, like weed, so if this bugs you please leave. Bold is the pairings I'm looking for the most and the font color is red is the part I want. If there is no red font I don't what role I play.


    Soul eater:
    Stein x Spirit
    Maka x Soul
    Crona x Maka
    Black star x Soul
    Oc x Oc
    Kid x OC

    Alucard x Seras

    Wolf's rain:
    Kiba x oc
    Oc x OC

    Harry Potter
    Oc x Oc
    Remus x Severus ( I have an idea for this.)
    James x Sirius
    Remus x James

    Draco x OC
    Ginny x Luna
    Hermione x Ginny

    Steve Rogers x Bucky barnes

    Basic Plots: Why'd you only call me when your high (Inspired by my favorite songs by the Arctic monkeys. Tony x Steve. It's an affair idea)

    Steve rolled over on to his side, his girlfriend who was sleeping beside him stirred, he muttered a curse word as he saw who was calling him. He quickly got to his feet and rushed out of the room.

    "Damn it Tony! Why the hell are you calling me." He growled.

    "What do you think. I missed you." Tony whined out.

    "I don't care. Stop calling me, especially when your high!" He snapped.

    "But...Wait how did you know I'm high?" Tony asked.

    Steve sighed. "I'm guessing plus you told me the last time you called me you were high when you called me all those times. "

    "I miss, you come to my house. Ditch your girlfriend, come on and visit me. It would be like old times. Come on. It will fun. "

    Steve let out a smirk at the thought of this, it was tempting as all hell. Memories of Tony's and Steve's wild nights dances through his mind. Steve threw on some clothes and headed off to Tony's house.

    (17+ for this)

    Being Human:

    Ghost x Ghost ( Have an idea for this)
    Prince x Prince/Princess
    Boring/ un-creative x Creative
    A recently changed vampire x Older vampire

    Feel free to suggest other pairings in the fandom or the non- Fandom pairings. If you are interested drop me a PM or post here. Please, I'm so bored.
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  2. I would like to do oc x oc of soul eater.
  3. Alright, do you have an ideas that you would want to try out?
  4. Okay, that's fine. :)
    I have some ideas flowing in my mind. Do you want the the OCs to be students or Teachers at DWMA?
  5. I don't mind either is okay.
  6. Well as teachers it might be a little bit more boring because I see them more teaching than anything else, expect going on a few missions that students can't. As students they could just be starting off, so they need to their partner and stuff.
  7. So let's go students
  8. Could you send me a PM? And we can create our characters from there.
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