My daughter wants to join the site.....

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  1. o.o

    And I'm not sure how I should feel about it. On one hand it's the perfect way for me to monitor what she says and does without logging onto her computer. And on the other, I don't think I'm ready to have that sort of access to her stuff. (I already spy on her Deviantart page. She has a regular little potty mouth.)

    So I'm at a loss of whether I should let her join or point her off to another site and hope it's not full of perverts trying to mess with 13 year old girls.
  2. Wouldn't it also allow her to stalk your activity just as easily?

    Other than that, I'd see breaking the illusions you might have had about her to be a good thing.
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  3. True, but all I have to worry about is my OOC chatter, which isn't entirely uncharacteristic. My role plays are mostly Libertine and she can't read them. Everything else is pretty much how I am around my husband.

    As for how she is, I already know how she behaves when she thinks I can't watch her.
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  4. If you do let her join the site, delete this thread first. You can't let her see your indecisiveness, or she'll pounce on it like a hungry cheetah to an injured gazelle.
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  5. Wait so your daughter knows you're active on a roleplay site and you're totally chill with her joining? That's pretty damned cool tbh. Most people I know would call me weird.

    Well, as a teenager/child myself, I think it's wrong to let her join simply so you can stalk her through one more platform. I mean I get it, you wanna know what she's up to, but my dad convinced me to get a Facebook just so he could see what I say and he pounces on me if I even drop an f-bomb when I'm mad (and doesn't know how often I swear otherwise, so it's counter intuitive and doesn't help my language one bit) and I feel he expects to find something of importance on there someday but I know he and my family are watching and I'm not that stupid. Some kids don't care but I'm rather aware of it. But even if I was silly enough to post stuff of actual importance/whatever, I'd be upset if my parents stalked me on social media or even on a roleplay site. Intrusion of much-needed teenage privacy I guess.

    Stalking your kids isn't something I'm all for. I hate it. I mean if she's a good kid you shouldn't need to anyway, but idk.

    So really I don't think your decision should be based on whether or not you want to watch her actions on a website.

    Iwaku seems amazingly pervert free, too, I think she's safe there. It's a pretty friendly site so I think it'd be fine to let her join.

    And yeah, I'd delete this thread before hand xD
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  6. Let her join. We've been waiting for the day of multi-generational Iwakians! She'll get some good adult internet rolemodles and she'll feel special for being in mom's "private" place. Also what Nex said, delete this thread!
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  7. Well, I'm not exactly, but at least on here I know things are more closely monitored and I don't have to worry as much as about an adult trying something. (I'll always have to worry about that, but on here at least I know something will be done about it if it happens.)

    As for spying, well... I don't log into her accounts and check things. . All I do is look at what she posts publicly online. Most of what she does is harmless. It's not her I worry about. It's the rest of the world.
  8. Well, she should be totally okay on Iwaku. I'm pretty young and haven't met anyone dangerous, although I'm sorta guarded myself.

    Is your gif from Firefly?
  9. You have an army of Community Volunteers, Staff, and regular kind-hearted members that would work hard to make the site a safe place for your daughter to be!

    We'll pounce the evil-doers before they get to her



    *coast is somewhat clear*
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  10. *makes wavy hand gestures in the background while shaking head*
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  11. Yes it is. :)
  12. The rest of the world will have to worry about me.

    (and probably everyone else replying in this thread...).
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  13. You're Clint Eastwood?! D=
  14. No, but the character is similar in this instance.

    Except that I'm the one who just moved to the neighbourhood.
    And I'm not racist.
    Or an anti-semite.
    Or a war veteran.
    Edit: And I drink scotch, not shit beer.
    Nor do I have a bad ass Gran Torino in my garage.

    Shit. That analogy got screwed.

    But, I am one of those old guys who will sit on the porch, and if he sees any untoward shenanigans going on regarding your daughter (or anyone else), I would step in and royally tear the worthless shit stain a new asshole. With a baseball bat wrapped in razor wire.

    Sound good?
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  15. Only if you add "Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you?"
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  16. As someone that's been on computers since one and messed with the internet since 10, this site is fine.
    There is always a small risk that someone will be nasty on the Internet, or try to creep on young teens and pre-teens, but that's true in life. Parts of DeviantArt are sketchier than here (certain groups, chatrooms, etc.), and the little I've seen of Iwaku presents that they take the keep-it-kid-friendly shit seriously and have active, solid staff. I can't find a part of the site that Diana hasn't posted in. ;]

    You should always keep an open ear to your daughter and keep a casual eye out that no one's acting sketchy around her or in the places she's at, but you shouldn't cut her off. Too much snooping, oppressive parenting, or distrust from you would just get her to do it sneakier and quieter. On Iwaku or otherwise. And if she's got a bad day because of an asshole, or she's in trouble, she'll hold back on telling you.

    Your daughter's probably plenty smart and sensible enough to be fine on her own most the time. Just make sure she puts in her real age here. :P
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  17. Exposing her to General Chatting might tarnish her inner-child.

    I wouldn't do it. She might come out warped.
  18. Stay away from Iwaku then lol
  19. She's already on Devian tart looking for Steven Universe and Five Nights at Freddy's role plays. @_@
  20. Too be completely fair coming from an Adult and a Child Psychologist point of view <.<...>.> Yes I'm a shrink leave me alone, lol. She's going to do what she wants to do regardless. You can only stop her so much and knowing for a fact that this site protects minors very well I don't see the harm in it.

    Regardless of what she could get into on here you don't know whats already in her head. I'm obviously not saying let her have libertine RP's and things like that but as far as things like Five Nights at Freddy's it's already there and allowing her to be in a roleplay about it really isn't going to do anything more than what she already cooks up in her own head. She is 13 and she is old enough to know what makes her comfortable and uncomfortable.

    If you let her join just be there when she sets up her account so she can't lie about her age and make sure she knows that if anyone approaches her with something uncomfortable that you wont be mad and you wont stop her from being on the site but you will be there to help her handle it and get the person to stop talking to her/reported.

    Also I 110% agree with Tick.

    Just my two-cents.
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