My dark stories.

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  1. Darkness shrouds me with warmth and protects me from the outside world. I'm safe here, no one will bother me or hurt me. Walking down the path of loneliness is the best path to go if you don't like this world. People say it would be alright but it never was. They said I would be safe but they where wrong. I was abandoned and left alone. I escaped that hell and found a better place to go. It was the shadows. I was safe there, no one could get me. I couldn't hear them, see them or even feel them. They where like ghosts or maby I was like a ghost. Who knows anymore, I don't. As I walk further down the path of loneliness I go further into the shadows. I will not go back to the place of light. Who needs friends, I dont. If I just go this down path I will be free from this painful life. I would go to a better place where it is all black. Where there are others like me. People who are dead, just like me.

    i would always be left out in school activities, I would always be made fun of and I would always be ignored. So one day I thought I would get payback. I would trip all of the people who would walk by me at school. I would blackmail people. Who would use to blackmail me. I would even get into fights and pick on other kids. But that just made my situation worse. One day after coming back to school I found that the front door to my house was open when my mother wasn't home. So I went inside and found a letter that said this is our revenge you should've never messed with. I threw it away and thought what would they've do. I then suddenly realized that my cat was laying down on the couch and thought my cat is never asleep. I turned my cat Round and saw that it was dead! I backed up and puked and started to cry. I went out back and buried my cat. The next morning I left school before my mother could ask me where the cat was. When I got to school kids where staring at me. I followed the leader of all the kids to his house and went into his house after him silently. I was happy that his parents weren't home. I took out a can of oil I hid in my backpack last night and went behind the boy and said this is revenge! The boy turned around shocked to see the idiot kid and backed up. I pushed him and put the can in his mouth forcing him to drink it. I took away the can away from his mouth after I was done. I got my revenge and left. After that night I was happy again.

    Walking in the woods was the dumbest thing I ever did. There was warnings on the news that there was a dangerous animal in the woods but I didn't care I was curious. When I got to the woods it was sunset. I walked in the woods for hours and found no animals that where dangerous. I was sick and tired of these fake news reports. When I was walking home I was suddenly attacked by a strange animal it looked like a deformed human. The animal grabbed my arm and twisted it back ward forcing it to snap. I cried with pain and backed up. I yelled for help but knew there was no one around the woods at this time at night. The animal jumped on top of me and head butted me. Then he bit my broken arm. I cried even more with pain. He stood up and threw me onto a tree making my spine break. I thought this was the end and indeed it was. One by one he started to rip off my limbs. I tried to cry but I couldn't speak, I was at my limit. I suddenly blacked out and had a dream where this never happened. It was just a dream I thought. But in reality this was just a dream, a dream of death.
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  2. I thought it would. Your a really good writer, and your darkness is just up my alley
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