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  1. Hello there everyone. Captain Keyes here. With my crappy writing. Please tell me how to improve. Constructive Criticism only please.

    All of his brothers were dead, lying besides him, the lone grey guard holding sword in right hand and shield in left, stood there Looking at the tide of Demons rushing toward him. They were red in skin, with demonic swords and horns. Not your usual gunmen of Chaos.The lone Angel just stood there, awaiting his death. But he was not going to go without a fight.

    He strengthened his hold on his sword and then pointed at Demons, he waited for the first to come. The first slashed at his head. The angel just raised his shield and blocked the blow and answers with a thrust aimed at the forehead of the Demon, the Demon fell with a scream. Then a second came, then a third and then a fourths, and so on so fourth. Then two Demons came, slashing at him. The angel blocked their blows with his shield, he then hacked one of the Demons head off, then brought down his blade on the other Demon.

    This went on for a few minutes, a mound of dead Demons bodies was now on the ground, the angels armor was blood and dented, his helmet was gone exposing a fair skinned man with black hair. His face was bloody and he was breathing heavy. He fell to his knees and then collapsed.

    "Hey, wake up!" A female voice said, the Angel opened his eyes and looked around for the source of the voice.

    "Good luck finding a voice in your mind" The voice said again.

    "Who are you?" The angel questioned.

    "Just call me Isabelle" The voice said.

    "Isabelle...lets go with it" The angel said

    "Good idea now yours?" Isabelle asked.

    "Cassius" Cassius answered.

    "We'll hi Cassius!" Isabelle said.

    "Now...Isabelle, may you tell me where I am?" Cassius asked.

    "The fields of the Anolo plain, ysmere"Answered Isebelle. Cassius thought for a moment.

    "Now, what happened while I was out of it?" He asked.

    "The Demons took over the world" Isabelle said. Cassius slammed his fist against the ground.

    "Dammit!" He yelled.

    "Calm down, you're still alive, and the Demons don't know your here, now there's a village nearby, go to. It" Isabelle said. Cassiussighed and grabbed his sword and shield and walked north, where Isabelle told him the village was.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.