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  1. This is probably my favorite section on the forum, so I thought I'd make a contribution of my own!

    Let me explain how this works: I start with a cookie. Next poster has to post a distraction and take the cookie, which makes it their cookie and so on.

    Ex: You post "I set off fireworks and you look at them. My cookie!" It is now your cookie. Next poster does the same, and now the cookie is theirs, until he next poster takes it from them. So on and so forth. Remember; finish it off with "My cookie!".

    Think we can do that? Cool. Let's begin.

    My cookie!
  2. A giant planet is about to fall on you! -Reference- my cookie!
  3. I chuck a bottle at you, It knocks you out, and I take the cookie. My cookie!
  4. Oh look! A new set of shiny paladin armor!

    My cookie.
  5. Look at those fireworks!


  6. I create a laser light show with my blasters. You watch them.

    My Cookie!!!
  7. Light shines off of my armor, temporarily blinding you. My cookie!
  8. My wolf distracts you with its adorable eyes, and I pull the cookie from your hand. My cookie.
  9. I show up in a TARDIS and you're mesmerized by the wooshing noise. My cookie!
  10. I got you with a baseball from a distance, stunning you before quickly running up and finishing you off(with a shotgun of course), then take the cookie from your cold dead hands >:D

    My cookie!
  11. I hit you with the sword.

    My cookie!
  12. I throw kittens at you

    My cookie!
  13. LooK! Jesus is returning!
    *Punches you and takes Cookie*
    My cookie!
  14. A stupidly bright flashlight is shined in your face. While you're blinded, I take the cookie.

    My cookie!
  15. I launch a nuclear missile shaped like a dinosaur.

    My cookie!
  16. I bring Gilgamesh in.

    my Cookie.
  17. Hellscream leads another revolution, thanks to me.

    My cookie!
  18. A massive meteor wipes them out.
    I slip in for the kill.

    My cookie.​
  19. I swing my sword at you. Back off!

    My cookie!
  20. I tap your shoulder, make you look and steal with cookie.

    My cookie!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.