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  1. So you know what this is what the fuck my church looks like sometimes.


    Sadly i couldn't find a moment where my preacher was doing this.... But some of those people are just doing it as a fucking show. Stupid fucking hypocrits making my damn religion look bad. Oh well Looks like i need to reread MT 5-7 again so i can stumach another week YAY WEEK
  2. I am also posting so that this damn lurker sign goes away.
  3. [video=youtube;DYX5UrwI49o][/video]

  4. thank you for actually replying here
  5. JA

  7. Tacos

  8. Kicks D'evil int he taco.

    Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able, and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God. -Epicurus

    even a mommy knows when to let her child's hand get burnt.
    - Mark Twain.
  9. This religion has appeared in Insanity.

    Therefore all religions should appear here.

  10. What bullshit did you just sew from your mouth?

    I'm sorry but did you LISTEN to what youw ere going to say before saying it?

    That's like the BEST enductive reasoning EVEr
  11. Do not troll in this thread? 404 not found!

    Srsly what is this.
  12. Did I just get yelled at for trolling or is Zorilla so bad at counter trolling that I can't tell?
  13. Two things.

    1) if i'm 'bad' at it and you 'can't tell' it's a win. Because I got you to fall for the troll

    2) Troll's should never be obvious, they have never been obvious until about two years ago when it became popular to 'troll' and you get people shouting 'trololololol' And other odd newfag meme.

    But No i was indeed 'trolling' when i said what i said. If you know/knew what inductive reasoning is/was you'd understand the subtle nuances of the joke i made.
  14. First one
  15. orly?
  16. One things,

    1) Or did you just fall for mine? <>_<>

    2) You know, that part where you got flustered enough to type all that out.

    3) Profit.
  17. Oh look.

    Zorilla getting maddd
  18. I am getting mad, but because you both are awful at this trolling shit.

    Zorrilla in spanish means slut, too, just so you know.
  19. Frusrated how?

    remember this is what we are talking about here.

    Now how would THAT fursrate me? Really?

    I mean in the least it's not directed at me, it's not directed at ayone specific thing, and the reference of'insanity' is obvioulsy the Asylum, or os i preceved it.

    Now who exactly did you think i became frusrated ehre?