My Christmas To-Watch List (Animu)

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  1. Since my Christmas break is going to be pretty long for this year, I wanted to see new (or maybe not) anime, anything I haven't seen before! That and a few cartoons I already have seen but am watching for nostalgia.

    1. Danganronpa: The Animation

    2. Tokyo Ghoul

    3. Ibitsu

    4. Guilty Crown

    5. Fate/stay night

    Those were the suggestions I got from some friends online. I don't really have anything specific I want to see, but I really like anything with a taste of Supernatural/Horror/Action. And some Suspense too. I'm spending these for a marathon with my bestfriends (platonic life partners), what would you suggest we watch?
  2. I support your decision to watch fate stay night

    I also support your implicit decision to watch Fate Zero, the prequel to Fate Stay Night, especially since the new Fate Stay Night 2014 remake is intimately tied to it

    that being said, if you watch the 2006 FSN adaptation, episode 2 has a very famous scene in it that gets a callback at the end of Fate Zero and seeing it in Zero gave me man-tears

  3. Since you're looking for supernatural/horror/action, the most obvious choice from that list would be Tokyo Ghoul. It's relatively short at only 12 episodes long.

    Danganronpa: The Animation is another good one. Again, it's quite short at only 13 episodes.

    Guilty Crown and Fate/stay night are the longer ones. Both are quite good as well! I've never heard of Ibitisu, though.
  4. Guilty Crown is really bad I wouldn't recommend it, could just watch Boku no Pico instead. I have no clue about the Danganronpa anime but the Visual Novel was okay. Same with Tokyo Ghoul no clue about the Anime but the Manga is great. Fate/Stay Night depends, if you watch the 2014 one go for it, it is done really well and I also suggest picking up Zero. The old one does the novel shame. Never heard of IBITSU but I definitly gonna read it when I go to bed soon.

    Another is also considered horror but again, I only read the manga.
    Psycho-Pass is quite good, it goes more into the psychological direction but the antagonist of the first season is really sympathic (is that a bad thing?) and the second season isn't a let-down either, but I suppose it comes down to if you like false utopia theme or not. But really, anything Urobutcher made is worth watching, except Blassreiter and Gargantia.

    What sounds right up your alley though would be Shinsekai Yori, it starts off a bit slow but gets really really great, I really recommend it.

    More chuuni things (supernatural action?) are Hamatora or Kyoukai no Kanata for example and the not announced Fortissimo anime in 2 years, I can dream okay?.
  5. Kara no kyoukai

  6. Another few to add to my recommendations:

    • Mirai Nikki - Really cool psychological anime. You'll have to concentrate or you'll lose the story.
    • Psycho-Pass - Police/sci-fi anime. Plenty of action; futuristic setting.
    • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - My favourite anime of all time. Set in a fantasy world full of alchemists.
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  7. Sorry sorry

    I lol'd at this

    Because it's like saying dragon ball is about dragon balls
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  8. Lmao, I just realised this after I posted. Thanks for pointing it out.
  9. #yourewelcome
  10. I've been meaning to watch those series for a while but could never get around to it, so I'm glad I have the time now. ^^ Saber is also a great character (I only hear of her, but I've seen some fanart of her).
    I've seen some of Mirai Nikki, and I'm going to continue it too. :) FMA: Brotherhood has also been highly recommended.
    I haven't watched Kyoukai no Kanata yet, but I have it. And the Another anime was pretty good, even though it was short (I heard someone describe it as the 'Final Destination' of anime lol).

    Thanks, everyone.
  11. So I gave Ibitsu a try, finished it, and, for the kind of horror it tries to be, it is really bad. Enjoyed Chapter 6.5 way more than the entire thing. If you are into this kind of stuff and actually read Manga I highly highly suggest reading the stuff Junji Ito is writing.
  12. Saber is best girl

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  13. I just checked out Ibitsu and it's a manga. Why was it suggested as an anime to me before xD
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