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  1. The woods behind the Meadowlark housing development were the perfect spot for Gerard to smoke and write, and that's exactly what he did. They were quiet, secluded, and no one really went there. There was a clearing, right in the center of the woods, that Gerard spent most of his time. A tree had fallen there, and it made the perfect chair. That Saturday morning, Gerard was in that same spot, a little black journal sitting on his knees. He was drawing that day, just comics, and smoking, his long dark hair falling down into his eyes occasionally.

    About an hour after he arrived there, he heard footsteps crunching through the fallen autumn leaves, and glanced up, brushing his hair back with the hand that wasn't holding a lit cigarette. "Hello?" he called, wondering who might be out there in the woods.
  2. Being new wasn't always a bad thing. However, it could be a bit on the lonely side/or did Frankie really care? hell, he didn't even know as he wandered threw the woods. It was something to DO he gussed...better than home work or who knows. Mind on many things he nearly trips over a tree root half hidden by dead leaves hearing someone call hello.

    "SHIT!", he yelps and waves his arms in a comical manner to keep himself upright. Arching an eyebrow once he manages to get himself fully upright he calls back, "Erm, hello?" He sounded a bit n the perplexed side and rightfully so. how many people do you run into in the woods. not that many if at all. He heads forward towards Gerard wondering if he just came across some ax murder or something. Though, they had said hello and it smelled like smoke from cigarets. 'So Ax murders smoke?', he asks himself. 'Silly of course they do...' He stops just behind Gerard arching both eyebrows now, "Boo?"
  3. Gerard tilted his head back so he could see the stranger. "Hey." He'd heard the other yell out a second ago, but he didn't say anything about it, his eyes scanning over the kid. "Haven't seen you around here," he stated, sitting straight again after a second. He took another drag from his cigarette, then asked, "You go to the high school...?"

    He tilted his head slightly, wondering who he was. "Here, wanna smoke?" He offered the cigarette, a slight smile crossing his lips.
  4. Frankie looks down at Gerard and runs a hand threw his hair, "I am new here thats why. Also, yes I do. Though, havn't started it yet...will be though had to get settled in or whatever the hell its called." He shrugs his shoulders and ponders only a few seconds before sitting down next to Gerard. "What are you doing out in the woods anyway?"

    Frankie shakes his head, "No thanks. Who are you anyway?" That he wanted to know thats for sure and eyes Gerard's journal as well.
  5. "Suit yourself...I'm Gerard, by the way. And, I'm just out here 'cause it helps me think..." He shrugged, closing his journal and taking another drag. "Where'd you move here from? Never thought anyone would actually want to come to this shitty dead-end town..."

    Gerard glanced up at the other, giving him a small grin. "My condolences." He gave him a sarcastic grin, his striking hazel eyes lighting up in the afternoon sunlight.
  6. ((You know its sad. Even if I am in the same blasted state they are from I was never to any of those areas they lived in lol! *lives in my own shit hole lil blip town nobody heard of*))

    Well, I am Frankie....or Frank whatever you wanna call me." , he looks down at Gerard. He snorts softly and shakes his head, "It's gona give you fucking cancer man. Also, I had enough lung issues growing up. Don't want anymore. Other things can help yea think."

    "Born in Belleville....than Kearny.", he shrugs and finally takes a seat next to Gerard tired of standing. He snorts, "Didn't have a choice. Also, what are you writing about anyway?"
  7. "Gotta die sometime," Gerard mumbled. Still, he put out the cigarette and put the butt in his jeans pocket. He smoked, sure, but he wasn't a litterer. As Frankie asked him what he was writing, he shrugged. "Just writing. And a bit of doodling..."

    He shut his journal, then said, "You into singing? Auditions for Peter Pan are this week...The songs are mediocre and the drama teacher's a hack, but with that baby face of yours you'd be a perfect lost boy.." He smirked, raking his fingers through his hair.

    ((lol I feel it xD but I can say that I've been to the same city that panic! at the disco was started xD))
  8. ((Very nice lol. Also, I will bring my OC in at the school. I think she will have been there already type dealy lol. Its up to you if you want Gee to know her or not.))

    "Such a barrel of sunshine aren't you?", he was teasing of course. "Naturally but your gonna de a shit ton quicker smoking that shit." He tilts his head to the side and eyes the journal, "Hey, thats cool. We all got hobbies man." Isn't making fun of him in the least and did want to know.

    He looks back at Gerard, "Hrm, maybe I will try out. " He chuckles softly, "Take it you are? Any good?" Again , not a ounce of teasing in the other boys voice. "Oh lord I can only flippin imagine the cheese of the songs!"
  9. "I'm the best damn Captain Hook there ever was," Gerard said, grinning. "I was Peter Pan when I was little too...but I like being a villain better..." He shrugged, then added, "But yeah, you should think about trying's pretty fun, y'know?"

    Gerard stood, yawning and stretching before he said, "I've got to go, but I'll see you around, yeah? You seem pretty cool...maybe we'll have some of the same classes." He smiled a bit, then started walking back towards his house, shoving his hands in his pockets and accidentally leaving his journal on the log he'd been sitting on.
  10. Frankie chuckles, "I will take your word for it. But, I will check it out for sure." He nods and would do just that. "Hey, being a villain can be fun....especially when you got a hook for a hand and a sword." He ponders and shrugs, "Not sure I will try out but hey...never know."

    He watches Gerard stand up and stretch, " Sounds good and you do too. I am sure we will see each other again and soon enough." He gets up himself and pauses seeing his journal laying on the log. Looking up to call to Gerard that he left that behind he sighs not seeing him in sight anymore. "Alright than...", he picks up the book and starts heading home flipping threw it on the way home. he couldn't help himself at all.

    Meanwhile, Mikey was at home with his nose stuck in a book reading on the couch. Knowing his older brother was out in the woods again. Doing what he does and smoking probably. He pushes his glasses back up his nose and was already done with home work, ect. Tomorrow was play try out...this should be fun. For sure!
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  11. When Gerard got back home, he smiled when he saw Mikey, and as he walked past the couch he playfully pushed his head back with a hand, making sure to mess up his hair. "Hey, Mikey," he said before heading into his bedroom.

    The next morning, he walked into his first class, grinning when he saw Frankie there. He plopped down into the seat right beside him, even though it wasn't his assigned seat. "Hey, Frankie. Fancy seeing you here?" He grinned, his hazel eyes sparkling.

    As class began, Gerard reached into his backpack and tried to find his journal, frowning when he didn't find it. Maybe...maybe he'd left it at home? He frowned and instead pulled out a notebook, tapping his fingers impatiently against his desk.
  12. Mikey groans, "Hey, hey thats my hair!" He sticks his tongue out as Gerard heads up to his room, "I will get you back for that!" He calls after his older brother and goes back to his reading. Fixing his hair before calling it a night himself.

    Frankie looks up seeing Gerard plopping in the chair next to him and smirks, "Yea, told yea would see me again." He sounded amused at Gerard's reaction. "Oh, yea....yea forgot this in the woods yesterday." He shifts to pull Gerard's journal from his own backpack.

    "You really should keep an better eyeball on this thing. It's a rather large gold mine.", he hands it back to the other boy. Before pulling out his own notebook for class.

    "Shit, shit, shit, running late again.", the girl in the black Ramones hoodie mutters speed walking/boarder line running threw the school hallway towards the class room. Like always it seemed...but hey it wasn't like she was doing it on damn purpose to be damn late. Dressed in the hoodie, a simple pair of jeans and a older pair of converse sneakers Jessie was about 5'4 in height with shoulder length black, blue and purple hair. Pale green eyes in a natural pale face soprting a nice black and blue eyeball on the left eye. Skidding to a stop just as the bell rings she groans and opens the door to the classroom, "Shit..." In the back of her mind she didn't want to miss the drama practice. Even if she was just one of the people who worked on the damn backgrounds..hurrying in as best as she could trying not to be noticed that she was late she plops in her chair next to Gerard.
  13. "Oh...thanks," Gerard said to Frank, smiling softly. He took back his journal and opened it, a bit embarrassed that Frankie had read it. There were a lot of drawings in it and poems and ideas for songs. A lot of it wasn't good, in his opinion, and he wasn't sure that he was comfortable with Frankie seeing all that.

    The teacher started class, and just a second after, Jessie arrived and sat in the seat beside him. "Hey, Jessie," Gerard said, nodding towards her. "This is Frankie." He gave her a smile, running his fingers through his hair. "He's new here. Be nice to him, he's fragile." Gerard grinned, glancing over at Frankie.

    "So, why are you late today?" he asked Jessie, smiling.
  14. Frankie smiles lightly, "You are welcome. There is some good stuff in there. I would hate to see you loose it." He truly did mean that and did enjoy a lot of the journal. OK some stuff wasn't good but hell when is anyone perfect ALL the time?! NOBODY and if they where they got boring as snot and fast. Also, why was he so damn cute? His mind snaps back to reality seeing a girl sit down next to Gerard.

    Jessie smiles at Frankie and waves and laughs faintly, "When I ain't gentle? Unless yea piss me off its all good....or try and hurt you of course or Mikey." She leans back in her chair after taking out things needed for class in a slightly faded, patched up purple back pack. "eh, fight with a door knob last night." She waves her hand airly around, "You know...things...sleep, good stuff." Hideen in the note book was a comic book to be read instead of note taking cause who needs that anyway?

    Frankie waves back and sticks his tongue out at Gerard, "We just met. i am not a cream puff! Now I want a cream owe me a cream puff." He grumbles trying to focus on the teacher and not the boy next to him.

    "Oh, fight...fight...with cream puffs.", she chuckles faintly.
  15. Gerard smirked at Frankie, just as the teacher stepped into the room and began teaching. Gerard slouched in his seat, yawning as he began to draw in his journal once more. Class was boring as always, and Gerard hardly said anything the whole time. When it was over, Gerard asked Frankie, "What class do you have next? I'm going to art now..." He smiled good-naturedly, already wanting to get closer to Frankie. He seemed cool, and Gerard wanted to make friends with him.

    ((Sorry it's so short))
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