My Chemical Romance MxM romance!

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  1. A few requirements before I go on :)

    1)Please be on often, as I have about two months without school and I'm terribly bored. If you're not on for a while, please say.
    2)Feel free to get to know me through PM, sometimes it's weird rp'ing with someone and not knowing them.
    3)Be prepared to make up plot rather than having a whole story planned out. Just 'winging' it can make the best plot.


    This would be a My Chemical Romance (The band, duh) pairing.
    I would love to do a Frankie/Gerard slash~ they wouldn't have wives or families during this.

    I would even do a Gerard/OC male, though I'd much rather do the above pairing.
  2. I don't have much plot, sorry, just a pairing.
  3. Surely you have some kind of idea about what you would want to happen?
  4. I have a friend who is interested^^ She wants to know who you would play
  5. Oops, forgot to watch this.

    Either Frankie or Gerard, I don't mind :)

    Or I could play an OC.
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  6. Hi! I'm that one's^^^ friend who was sorry I haven't even able to reply for a few days, but I'd love to do this, at least for a few weeks. I wouldn't be able to post much after the end of August, but I love winging it when writing and GERARD IS BÆ AND I'D LOVE TO WROTE FOR HIM IF YOU DONT MIND THANK YOUUU
  7. Hi! :)
    I would love to Rp this, but I'm quite a long-term rp'er and my rp's usually last longer than a month :(

    Is it because of issues with Internet? Or would you just be too busy to reply?
  8. It's Internet issues. I'd have plenty of time to write, I just might not be able to post on a regular basis. Do you have a kik where we can talk? Mines @kt_ruesster
  9. Um, I have an email. I'll PM you it.
Thread Status:
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