My character needs a new story so badly!!!

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  1. So my main character, who's also called Yanaike, is suffering from not being used in any RP-story lately. It even got to the point that she told me she's told me that she's going to abandon me if I don't start a new RP-story with her soon. So please help me out!

    I guess I should tell a little bit more about her:
    Yanaike is a 20 years aged girl, although she may seem younger. She’s about 4’11’’ inches (150 cm) (to the top of her hat is about 5’5’’ inches/165 cm) but oddly enough she only weights around 35 lbs (15,8 kg). She has long brown hair and light brown eyes.
    She wears a white sleeveless dress, shaped like an anime-styled mini-skirt below. Over that she wears a black leather-ish jack with a big zipper going all the way down. From under her skirt goes her long brown haired tail. You can easily tell Yanaikes emotions from looking at the tail. When she’s sad it will just hang on the floor, but when she’s happy she will wag the tail. Furthermore she uses her tail for small things like pressing buttons or making people sneeze. On her feet she wears soft white boots, making no sound when touching the ground. Actually it’s like she’s floating on a thin layer of air instead of really making contact with the floor. On top of her head she wears a typical black witch hat with a pair of pilot/steampunk-like goggles strapped around it, only using them when racing or as sunglasses. Finally Yaniake wears a silver necklace under her jacket, shaped like a heart. You can open it to see a photo of Yanaike’s dead who died in a war.
    When it’s cold Yanaike might wear a pink scarf, but she still wears her dress. She has some sort of natural warmth source inside her, so she doesn’t really need thicker clothes.
    Talking about character, Yanaike might be the most difficult person to describe. She’s very unpredictable: the one moment she’s thinking/doing this, the other moment she thinks/does something completely different/irrelevant. Despite that it isn’t difficult to influence her thoughts/movements as a strong well-placed opinion will easily convince her and making her think it’s the truth. She also thinks out-of-the-box and sometimes (seemingly random) she uses objects for different purposes, or uses alternatives (hammock instead of bed). In one way Yanaike can also be just like a pet. If you don’t give her enough attention or if you talk bad to her she will start to feel lonely and starts to think she’s not wanted, she will then close herself off from other people and eventually she will walk away. Direct confrontations also often result in her doing the same. However, if you do things that will please her (helping her out, talking positively, giving her a lot of attention) she can become a great friend with spontaneous hugs to their friends. Yanaike is super smart. You can even consider her to be a geek, since she loves to go to libraries and read all kinds of books. New technologies fascinate her. Especially computers, even though she considers computers to be a collection of all bad features of humans: they are so simple-ish and so easy to hack for her. Last but not least mentioning is Yanaikes speed. It doesn’t matter if she’s hacking a computer, racing (she can keep up with racing bicycles) or learning new things, Yanaike will do it very quickly.
    Material things are valueless for Yanaike (such as money) and the only possessions Yanaike has are: a broomstick which she can use to fly, a backpack in which she carries only some spare clothes and really necessary stuff, a couple of dice, a deck of cards and a single coin for tossing.
    In case of a magic-oriented setting Yanaike will use air and/or luck based spells (the latter are why she needs the dice, cards and coin) and she has learned a single water-spell which she uses to clean herself (including clothes).

    I don't really mind in what kind of story she'll play. So if you're having an amazing idea in which she'll fit in, go ahead and tell me! If you don't have any idea's here are a couple of things that came in my mind. Note that Yanaike isn't gay so if you want a love-relationship you've gotta play a male-character (a friendly relationship or a one-way love relationship is also fine though).
    - Since Yanaike is pretty influence-able, maybe you're character can be a manipulative or bad-boy kind of person which tries to get Yanaike on the evil side.
    - Maybe you'll like a story in which my character tries to escape or flee somewhere/something or our characters could flee/escape together?
    - Another thing that could work is a setting in which your character will play a teacher or mentor and my character being the student or pupil? Maybe it'll have something to do with magic as well?
    - I would loooovvvee a story in which our characters would play the underdog: hiding in a large city and trying to act invisible for others.
    - Hmm... what about something involving a large forest/jungle? My/our character(s) living in tree houses and trying to survive in the wilderness?
    - Still reading and still not find any great idea. Feel free to propose any of your own ideas or maybe a mix between more ideas? Or just PM me and maybe we'll could figure out something else together?

    What do I expect from you/what can you expect from me?
    - You've got to be at least 'elementary' level. However higher will be fine too. I'll consider myself to be an elementary/intermediate writer.
    - Depending on timezones, inspiration and real-life pressure I'll write something between 4 posts a day till 3 posts a week. I expect the same of you. If you can't post more (cause of real-life issues or something like that), please let me know. I won't be sad or angry at you! If something pops up in my life, I'll let you know as well!
    - I'm not a native English speaker/writer so I might miss some essential vocabulary knowledge and sometimes grammar and punctuation might not be 100% accurate. However I'll always try to make myself clear. Also I'm okay if you want to correct my sentences. I'll ask from you that your posts are at least sort of understandable.
    - I love to brainstorm and figure things out. Having somewhat of a guideline really helps while writing the plot. But I can't do this on my own! You've got to have some opinions or ideas as well.
    - I'm always open for a non-RP-related conversation to get to learn my partners better. This will not be necessary however.

    Do you want to keep Yanaike alive and are you able to offer her a new adventure? Feel free to respond below or message me!
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