My Challenge First And Last (Maybe)

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  1. this is my challenge if you chose to whatare the word is -.-

    i will give you things, words, whatever i want and chose there can be music in this as well but you must leson to the music.

    Rules of geting ponts:

    you are to use all or some of the words things whatever
    some of them will give you thank you or nothing (if i dont like it) but if its good and i like it i will give you a like
    if all of them i will give you "I Love it " or if not so good just give you a like.

    now its the word:
    1 Fantacy
    2 falling
    3 girl
    4 Qust
    5 water
    6 dance
    7 Daeth
    8 goddess
    9 Heavens worriers
    10 sword

    the song: Aduk/ soha lost in obrbit
    can find it a Adumk

    good luck with this XD
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