My cat has an abscess on her tail (Squeamish people avert ye eyes)

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  1. So my cat is turning 12 tomorrow (I almost can't believe it). She's been in remarkable health since I found her when she was just a kitten, but a few years back my ex-roommate broke her tail. An abscess formed and she couldn't move it let alone jump onto things like she typically did. The abscess drained after about a month (after being taken to the vet that is), and healed for the rest of the year (the break was pretty bad).

    You can still feel the break at the base of her tail, but it's not as bad as it used to be. She can move around, jump (I know she can jump because the little shit got into the doughnuts and that needed a good amount of agility), and just do what cats do I guess. But the abscess feels like it is reforming, and there's a lump (it's not the bone as it moves every time I inspect it) that is at the base. She's in no pain, but I am worried. I am taking her to the vet but I can't stop freaking out.

    Has anybody dealt with abscesses reforming with pets?
  2. I don't have any experience myself, but I'd honestly just let the vet's handle it.
    They're the professionals on the matter and would have seen this stuff before.

    Like I get it, a pet is a loved member of the family and you don't want them to be hurt. But there is a danger of that the Vet's will tell you, you're not doing yourself any good getting panicked about it if the Vets have already looked at it and find it's all ok.
  3. The vets looked at it when the wound was first there, that was a few years ago. The wound healed since but it has reappeared.

    But you are right, till the vet sees it I shouldn't panic.
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