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  1. Hunter sighed as he leaned back against the doorway. All he could hear was the chirping of birds and rustling in the trees. No one would think to look for him out here. The log cabin was at least a two day ride from the city and getting to the cabin wasn't the easiest given all the brush and thickets one would have to go through.

    He smirked. This was the perfect place to keep his captive. There were so many things that he could do to her. She was probably waking up from the sedative by now; the strapping young man made his way inside and up the stairs to the bedroom.
  2. Arella could feel her head pounding as she tried to rise from the bed she was on. She couldn't remember much. Last thing she remembered was going to lie down in her bedroom.

    'Must have made it,' the blonde thought. 'Wait..' This wasn't her bed. Shooting up, her eyes widened as the cabin room spun around her. "Unghh," she grunted as her hand flew up to her head. Where was she? The room was very simple, only a bed and dresser was occupied it. Looking down, she was thankfully still dressed in her dress from the previous day.

    Her thoughts were startled as she heard footsteps. Arella rushed to get up, but found there was a chain attaching her wrist to the bed.
  3. Opening the door, Hunter grinned as he laid his eyes on the blonde woman chained to the bed.

    "I see that you're up, your highness," he said. "So sorry that you had to wake up this way."

    He had a bigger grin on his face, ruffling his short brown hair. He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed and leaning forward a little, keeping his blue-gray eyes on her. Oh, the thoughts he had in his mind. He could do whatever he wanted to her, and there was no one to stop him.
  4. Arella's eyes went wide with fright as the man made his way into the room. The grin and the way he talked didn't help her feel any better.

    "W-what do you want?" she stutterd ."Where did you take me?!" Her voice got louder as she got more and more unsettled by the grin on his face.
  5. "Oh, nothing... for now," Hunter told her. "You're safely tucked away in the middle of a dense forest and no one will know where to find this place. I just wanted to make you an example to your family. They needed to pay for they did to my family."
  6. Arella's face went white at the 'for now'. "What did my family ever do to yours?"
  7. Hunter shook his head before narrowing his eyes on her. "Your family killed my father for something he didn't do! Do you know how much grief that caused for my family? And then they don't offer us anything when we proved that he was innocent. That is what your family did to mine, and nothing that they can offer will change my mind."
  8. Arella stayed silent for a moment. She had no clue what he was talking about. Her father kept her out of those affairs, and it wasn't often she heard of them. "I didn't know. But what does keeping me here solve?" Her eyes narrowed. "The guards will find me."
  9. "You sure about that?" he asked, now sitting on the bed near her. "No one knows that this area exists, and I'm sure the guards will have the easiest time finding you." Sarcasm laced his voice.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.