My Brother's Heart

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  1. Kevin sat on the edge of his brother's bed tentatively. He was very careful not to jostle the other male. After making sure that he didn't wake his brother up, he crawled onto the bed, curling up to him. Kevin closed his eyes. He remembered doing this when he was much younger, needing the comfort only his brother could give him. He needed that tonight. He breathed quietly, trying to tease his body with sleep even though he was fully clothed. He didn't want to think about the conversation he'd just had with his boyfriend, now ex, Tom. He sighed softly to himself, that whole relationship had been unfair. He mentally slapped himself for thinking about anything related to that subject. Kevin didn't want to cry again, but thinking about it made him a little teary-eyed, even with them closed.
  2. Shuan opend his eyes a crack as he smiled looking at his little brother. He then took an arm and draped it over his brother's waist and pretended he was asleep knowing it would comfort his brother and help him sleep better.
  3. Kevin relaxed into his brother's grasp and smiled slightly, sighing as he started to let sleep overtake him. Shuan always seemed to know the right thing to do to comfort him in his times of need. His mind cleared as he was finally lulled into sleep by listening to Shuan's steady breaths beside him.
  4. Shuan soon pulled his little brother closer to him as he kissed his cheek and smiled. " Hmhm. " He chuckled lightly as he layed his head back down.
  5. Kevin let out a small, content, sigh in his sleep. He wasn't dreaming, but he did have a happy darkness that poured over him and his cleared mind. It stayed that way until the first morning light. When he opened his eyes to the blinding sun, he turned over and planted his face in the mattress, hoping to fall back asleep for just a little while longer.
  6. Shuan soon woke up as he looked to his brother. " Well hey there sleepy head. " he said as he sat up uncovering his well toned stomacch.
  7. Kevin grunted at his brother's greeting, but happily took in the sight of his exposed chest. "Morning," he grumbled in response after peeling his eyes away with a blush. One should never find his older brother attractive. Ever. It was wrong and sick. Kevin buried his head in his arms to hide from his brother.
  8. Shuan luaghed and found nothing wrong with this and poked his brother. " Hmhmhm why so blushy? " he said as he looked out the window.
  9. Kevin blushed deeper, even though Shuan couldn't see it. "No reason," he replied softly and not coming up from his hiding spot.
  10. " Cmon bro. " He said as he tickled him starting to get slight erotic ideas yet trying to keep them supressed so he don't get a hard on.
  11. Kevin giggled, writhing about on his brother's bed. "No, no, stop!" He continued to giggle. "Please!"
  12. Shuan stopped as he got up out of bed, he walked to his bathroom in his boxer's covering his morning wood. " Get up please. " He said as he looked back. " Or do i have to get you up with the idea's i had in my mind? " He asked as he giggled lightly.
  13. "Depends on what your other ideas were," Kevin said, rolling on the bed to face his brother. The jeans he'd slept in the night before did nothing to hide his own morning wood, if anything they made it all the more prominent. He giggled to himself.
  14. Shuan smirked as he turned around walking slowly to his brother crawling over to him getting close to his face and whispering. " You sure you want to know? " He said in a seductive way.
  15. A pleasant chill ran down Kevin's back at those words whispered into his ear. He gave a short nod and a gasp. "Please, I want to know."
  16. Shuan soon cut him short as he planted his lips upon his brother's kissing him deeply.
  17. Kevin was shocked by the kiss, his eyes wide open for the first few seconds and his lips still against his brother's. He relaxed after a short time, closing his eyes and returning the kiss.
  18. Shuan smirked as he pulled away. " You wanna go through with this? " He asked as he looked at his brother lustfully.
  19. Kevin's heart thudded in his chest. The look his brother was giving him made him want to melt into a gooey puddle on the floor. Slowly, heart still going rapidly, he nodded his head. "I'm sure," he said quietly, afraid to speak louder than that and break the spell that had come over them. His own, dark, lustful eyes met his brother's.
  20. Shuan kissed his brother's neck slowly as he held him close sucking on his nec leaveing a hicky behind.