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  1. So, this is where you would come in!
    I've been sort of out of the loop of the RP world for some time, but with my life settling back into something normal and a bit more routine, I would like to get back at it again. I can usually reply once a day, twice if I am lucky. If there is a time I won't be on for more than a day, I will try to relay that message so you don't think I've abandoned you. Buuut, on to some need to know things....

    I'm well over the age of 18, so mature settings are okay with me, as long as you are over the age as well. If not, then please don't try. There are rules, mmk? I play female roles, and am okay with playing with other females (no romance involved) or males, with or without romance or hints of it.
    As lame and boring as it seems, I do modern or fantasy based stories. Or a mixture. I don't do anything historically accurate and Sci-Fi just does not catch my fancy.
    I reply/write in the fashion of "She stares off in the distance... She sat down at the booth." I'm not good at first person.
    I will have nothing to do with weird fantasies, fetishes, etc. If such an occasion arises for romance, we can discuss the topic further.
    I have several characters in mind, a few ideas, but no one around to discuss with. If you have ideas, or anything for that matter, please feel free to reply here or PM me.
  2. Still open for a few more people if anyone is interested. I have a few ideas rolling around in my head I would like to discuss with anyone. Let me know, message me, something ^.^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.