My best man sent me a copy of Fable II as a gift...

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  1. ...and now I've killed a bunch of beetles and bandits, made and spent a couple grand in gold, got married twice (at the same time, oh my cheating heart), had two kids (one per woman), got divorced twice (accidentally had one wife follow me into the other wife's region...hilarity ensued), had extramarital sex twice, got STDs twice, bought/rented out/currently using two houses, became a master blacksmith and a kinda-proficient woodcutter, bought a bunch of rusty weapons.....

    ....and still haven't gotten much father into the main story other than obey Kreia--I mean Theresa's--Mission Control-esque telepathic instructions and meeting that huge Sister Hannah chick.

    I have no idea what I'm doing. Its too much to ask me to 100% complete fable! I just wanna kill stuff! And screw stuff! i TRIED to go for the threesome. didn't find any takers.
  2. I watched my bro's roommate play that when I went to Hawaii last winter. It was amusing as hell to watch. Hours and hours of entertainment.
  3. Gibs giggling a lot while playing that game too. XD

  4. There's an achievement for fucking EVERYTHING......I earned it.
  5. Pretty sure that's the story of just about every guy's life...

    Ahem, anyway.
    I played Fable, the original, and I'm just not as big a fan. To me, everything seemed really meaningless as far as Good and Evil went. The affected so little and etc.
    Plus I can't play them on my computer anymore :c
  6. Fable 2 seems to do a good job of making good/evil matter. discounts, cheaper to buy real estate, having people worship/run in terror at the sight of you, etc.

    not sure if the degree of discounts/real estate cheapness improves depending on whether youre good or evil, though.
  7. that one's more along the lines of how much you've done for their economy, for example I bought most of an entire city and cut rent prices in half, resulting in a mega economic boon, lowering prices, AND everyone LOVED ME, therefore lowering prices more.
  8. Now Diana's growin' delirious. I've never played no Fable II.
  10. economics? you're asking me to think too hard on a videogame. i buy real estate and businesses so i can make more money to buy whores, weapons, and...something else that starts with a W
  11. Kill Reaver.

    That is all.

    Wasted every mission with him trying to shoot him in the head.

    Met with limited success.
  12. i own most of bowerstone now