My Best Lie...

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  1. ...Is Livid.
    But you can call me Lividly. Or Liv. Or Double-L. Or LL. Or L. Or anything you can possibly conceive of.

    ...Is That I'm Friendly.
    Because I'm a white liar. But not a whitelighter. Either way, my intentions are usually pure, but you may find me brusque.

    ...Is That I'm Some Kind of Roleplayer.
    I'm not sure what kind I am, so if I say I am something, then I may be not, and if I say I'm not, I very well may be.

    ...Is Hello.
    After all, who knows what kinds of people come flocking at the first sign of a greeting?

    ...Is Begging For Roleplay.
    Because I'm not.
    No. Really.
    That's not why I'm here.
    For real.

    ...Is My Character.
    Yes, I have one. In my long-winded resume. With a long-winded bio. Because I'm very long-winded.
    You'll find this about me often. I'm sure.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.