My Best Friend!

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  1. Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

    It is easy to answer yes, but stop for a minute and take a good look at yourself.

    For myself. I can be a bit judgmental sometimes and I am pretty damn self centered. So I think if I worked on those things I would be a much better friend.

    What say you!?
  2. I am a good friend, most peoples' standards. I'm a good listener, tolerant, I write positive reviews for people filling job applications, do favours when I can... I do my best to be there for the people I care about. If they need something, I'll most likely do it. If not exactly what they need, I can usually find a decent alternative. To be honest, I don't have many friends like me. I'm only helped when it's convenient for them and blah blah... But it's okay. At least they know I'm here for them when they need a shoulder.

    So yeah. I'd love to have me for a friend. <3 *hugs self* :P
  3. Having another me as a friend would be awesome.
  4. I agree with Fluffy. I think she makes a great friend.
  5. I suppose I'd want someone like me as a friend. I usually worry about my friends more than I worry about me, and when a friend needs help, I will do anything within my power to help, granted it isn't something that would harm them. I also usually keep my problems to myself, and don't bother others with my issues too often, the only times when I do being when it's something that is really, really bugging me.
  6. Fuck yeah I would want myself as a friend.
  7. Well, my favorite people ever like me... so... yes?
  8. I dunno, I think that sometimes I'm a little bit too quiet.
    I try to be a good friend and listen, plus I'm always willing to help out one of my friends.
    I just worry sometimes that I don't know enough about my friends and that I don't open up enough.
  9. My actual best friend is a girl. The only way to describe her is that she is literally me, but with boobs. It's eerie how similar we are. There are some differences (like me saying Angel>Buffy but she is firm in her Buffy>Angel stance, and I like Star Trek: Deep Space 9 while she refuses to watch anything but TNG, she can be extremely judgmental while I don't judge people for most things), but otherwise it's like we've known each other forever even though we've only been friends for the last couple of years. And when we are out in groups, we always make the same joke at exactly the same time, which is hilarious since we word it almost exactly the same way. We even have some of the same flaws (both a bit self-centered).

    So I guess, in a way, I already have a best friend who is like me....with boobs.
  10. ....I try to be a good person and a good friend....but at the same time i'm not sure if i could handle being friends with myself lol...hell I literally annoy myself half the time and have arguments with myself (mostly in my head but sometiems out loud)....
  11. I'm kind of a prick, so no. I'm a judgmental asshole who can fly off the handle for no reason.
  12. I'm not that great of a friend, but I am a useful. So long as I am useful I can stand being hated.
  13. "Let them hate me so long as they fear use me?"
  14. Works for me. I will be used until I am gone. And by then I hope I will have made the world better than how I found it.
  15. No.

    I'm unreliable, bi-polar, vanish for days at a time without any regard for my friend's feelings, too introverted to share my own feelings, and too sarcastic for my own good.

    I'm a terrible friend.
  16. I wish I could MARRY myself. FUCK YEAH AWESOME PRAIRIE WARRIOR ADVENTURES. I think I could be an awesome friend to myself. BE LAUGHIN AT SHIT ALL THE TIME. CONSTANTLY. FUCK YEAH.
  17. ;__; God Knighty... ask the question that hurts most! Fine. I AM the friend everyone goes to for their problems and advice. But they never invite me to their parties, or sleep overs or hang out events cause I'm scary and know too much about them. THERE HAPPY? D: -runs away to sob in a closet!-