My (bad) Iwaku Renovation Idea

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Accept the Cage?

  1. Yes!

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  2. Please God no.

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  1. Hiya guys! Forum lurker and avid boondoggler Shas here, bringing you the latest in horrible ideas since 1993. Though I don't post around here often, every now and then something happens that I just ~have~ to dig my claws into; this something just so happens to be the closed-forum system dearest Mistress Diana has implemented.

    Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking--
    "Now that Iwaku is a closed forum, it kinda feels like we're inside a cage to keep others out."
    And I entirely agree, there's definitely a cage-ish theme going on here.

    But it's not cage-y enough.

    We need to get cagier.

    We need to get Cage-ier.
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    Now, I understand your fears. "I've been at Iwaku for a long time, and I don't think that I can withstand this sensual amount of Nicolas Cage invading my senses every time I come to get my funk on." For those of you with this complaint, my only suggestion is closing your eyes, taking a deep breathe, and breaking out of your inner cage.


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    I've spent most of my lurking life on Iwaku without the sensual gaze of the Cage giving me inspiration to RP my very best-- but after he entered my life, I lost the desire to ever go back. My question now is simple:

    Who of you are willing to join me in this ascended state?

    Who among you are willing to accept this new, renovated Iwaku?

    Let us bring our voices together; together, we can get the gods of Iwaku to hear our cry, and we can truly make Iwaku beautiful.
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  2. no.
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  3. This is Gwazi-tier.

    Gonna say nah.
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  4. Orange colored avatar names should be for donating members or something. Orange is way to cool a color to be a throwaway.
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  5. Nah, nah. >__> Naaahhh. Trust me, my life is Cage-y enough as is. Can't cage the Cage. :heart:
  6. Reported for Gwazi alt. account.
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  7. Too Cage-y for a weakling like me. Cannot handle it.
  8. I agree with this movement! :3

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  10. Cage up everyone! >:3
  11. You'll never take me alive!

    So I guess you've already won since I'm gonna go kill myself for the night now...
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  12. Success! The Cage Operation is a go!
  13. Here's what we should really do; my plan for Iwaku's greatness:

    The Toellner Reforms
    Stage 1: The Purge
    • Systematically look over all accounts, deleting any that have had no activity in the past year.
    • Use a network of informants and past experiences to assemble a list of any "trouble members" and put them on watch or ban them outright.
    • Create the new Moderation position of Censor; who's job is to categorize all members in terms of cooperativeness and obedience to the new Iwaku regime.
    • This person is also responsible for monitoring any negative activities and reporting them to the appropriate executive powers.
    • All remaining members will be ranked on a 5 tier system, Teir 1 being moderators and Teir 5 being the plebs who simply comply with the rules.
    • The site's primary background should be set to Teal Owl, members must achieve Tier 2 to have options.
    • All member avatars and signature privileges will be taken away, only members at or above Tier 2 may have the right to them.
    • All signatures must comply to strict sizing an content regulations.
    • Forum rules must be re-adjusted in accordance with the rest of the Toellner reforms.
    Stage 2: Reconstruction
    • The organisation of the moderation staff will be severely reorganized:
      • The top position will be the Viceroy, which will be granted to Diana out of recognition for her past services and her contributions to the pre-reform Iwaku.
      • The position of Viceroy will be held for only one year before a new election is held by the Triumvirate.
      • Viceroy has the power to make any and all decisions regarding Iwaku unless the Triumvirate holds a 3/3 vote against said decision.
      • Beneath the Viceroy is the Triumvirate, a trio of Admins that oversee the daily operations of the site.
      • Triumvirate positions are held for life, but can be resigned from, or left if one member is ascended to the position of Viceroy.
      • Beneath the Triumvirate is the High Council; 10 moderators with varying duties and roles. The high council can overturn any Triumvirate decisions with a majority vote, and any Viceroy decisions with a 4/5ths vote.
      • Positions within the High Council are as follows;
        • Three moderators responsible for the supervision of the roleplaying portions of the site.
        • Three responsible for the content and off-topic portions of the site.
        • The previously mentioned position of Censor.
        • Aedile, responsible for all site updates and additions.
        • Rationalis, responsible for the daily upkeep of the website, management of the donation funds, and any advertisements.
        • Tribune, responsible for the judgement of member activity and the administation of bans, as well as the management of the Inquisitors.
      • Below all other positions are the Inquisitors, responsible for monitoring their peers and being the eyes and ears for the higher positions.
    • Re-wording of all descriptions, titles, and deliting any unneeded or unnecessary aspects of the site will also happen at this time.
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  14. I have created a monster and I regret nothing.

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    Someone help, my first sarcastic shitpost has gone far out of control and I can't Cage it in.
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  15. You didn't create a monster. :P

    You just a fed a monster more vile and sinister than your greatest imagination can create.
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  16. Put.
    The crazy.
    In the box.
  17. There is no more box, the monster has consumed the box...

    This is your fault (open)

  18. Hey, Gwazi, it appears that you have 4 alerts.
  19. You should see me when at 40+ Alerts. :P
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