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My art :D

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by EllieX, May 27, 2013.

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  1. I love drawing~
    And I get most of my inspiration from my characters and RPs. I rarely do scenery, but I can... I think?

    And I doodle too~

    This is Michael~ He is a demon from one of my RPs...


    This is Lucifer...

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  2. Another random sketch.. Her eyes like weird uwh... >w<

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  3. And another...

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  4. Uwh... This is a water color painting... I hate water color.. I can't control it T^T

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  5. dniognrhtodbaoifnvlq
    I love your style.
    So. Sosososososososooo. Much. <3
    Especially the first and the girl and the watercolors.~
    Even if they dripped along, it makes the picture just look a kazillion times better.<3
    Never stop doing what you do, kid.
  6. AWWW thank you!!!
  7. A Lineart of a vampire...

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  8. The water colored version of him. >w< I used dry brushing technique...

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  9. Hocrap, that last pic is freakin yum. You're pretty freaking good with water colors. /envy

    Are you going to make a comic? You totally should, :D.
  10. Thank you! But my art teacher said my watercolor technique is totally off >w<
  11. And I am planning to do a comic, but I'm not too sure.... >w<
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  12. /shoves art teacher down a rabbit hole.

    I like it so bleh! I'm not much of a painter so it's really nice to see other people's paintings. Making comics is always a fun challenge!
  13. I absolutely love the shading you do on the hair and eyes! Amazing! :)
  14. They are very lovely. I like the way you did they eyes on the first one.
  15. The hair and eyes on all your peices are absolutely fabulous!!
    You make me want to improve!! Hope to see more from you soon!
  16. I drew this for Ari in the Iwaku art club, but someone else took the request when I was away (I think? I'm not too sure >w< I'm really busy recently as my exams are coming) and I just simply could not upload the pic so I'll post it here! :D
  17. image.jpg
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  18. Pen and ink :D I used a pen I bought in Vietnam. It's really cheap, since this is the type of fountain pen that elementary school kids buy to pratice their handwriting.

    And this is a sketch of a guy and a dragon. Inspired by my classmate who wanted to write a story about the guy and dragons >w<

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