My Arcobaleno Project

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  1. I started this project not too long ago that I call the "Arcobaleno Project". Basically I'm drawing each Arcobaleno from the manga/anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn in different mediums and forms. I'm not fully finished but I have been working hard on it and I would like to show you what I have so far~
    Right now it's done in Charcoal pencil, sorry if it doesn't show up too clearly. And I drew them all in their adult forms :)
    Please Enjoy~

    Reborn: The Sun Arcobaleno
    ArcPro Reborn.jpg

    Colonello: The Rain Arcobaleno
    ArcPro Collenello.jpg

    Mammon/Viper: The Mist Arcobaleno
    ArcPro Viper.jpg

    Fon: The Storm Arcobaleno
    ArcPro Fong.jpg

    Verde: The Lightning Arcobaleno
    ArcPro Verde.jpg

    Luce: The Sky Arcobaleno
    ArcPro Luce.jpg
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  2. cute~ i especially liked colonello and verde
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