My Amnestic Dad

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  1. So in this roleplay, you will be asked to play two different characters, the son and the mother. So basically the plot is below and it's written in the son's point-of-view:

    Hi I'm (insert name here), I'm nine years old. I'd always thought that I didn't have a father like other kids do. I've found out that I do have a father after all but he is unique. He'd lost his memory. I decided to go look for him secretly but I was so mad. Because not only does he not recognizes me, there's a woman that calls him darling and was hugging and kissing him.

    A couple of days later, my dad who had a girlfriend came and looked for me. I ignored him, and he decided to sneak into my mum who is an author while she is asleep and sees all the photos that he'd taken with her back in the old days. Despite that, he remembers nothing. Mum said that it's fate that she'd met him while he'd lost his memory and only to forget her when he recovers his memory. But if you'd asked me, I think dad might have a feeling for mum. What do you think?

    So PM me or leave a comment here if you're keen.
  2. I'm keen on this but what character should I be
  3. You'll be playing as the child and the mother. The story will start with a classroom scene where the boy is asked to draft a short story on the topic of "My Father" and the child will protest strongly against it.
  4. What character are you?
  5. The father~ If you'd like, I can provide more details for you.