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  1. Aloah sighed, sitting himself up from his bed. His hair an blonde mess as he ran his fingers through it, looking out at nothing as he tried to blink the sleep away. Yawning, he slipped out of bed, relizing the time a little to late. Having only five minutes to be dressed and out the door, he jumped to it. Ignoring the fact that his hair was a mess, he slipped on a pair of black denim jeans and loose navy blue V-neck. Quickly, he grabbed his tooth brush from the bathroom, readied it and shoved it in his mouth. As he rushed out the door, he snatched up his back pack too, almost slamming it into the door frame as he screamed a muffled goodbye to his parents.

    He'd been late to school enough times, but today was the first basketball game of the season, and his coach threated to take his starter position if he had yet another tardy. Sighing loudly, he started the engine of his car and backed out of the driveway, flooring it once he got the chance.

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  2. Leonard awoke with a start of his alarm clock. He always wakes up early on school days, just to make sure that he was ready for the day. He made sure that all of his clothing were out and folded neatly, so that he can access them easily after he had taken his morning shower. Leonard took his time, knowing that he was going to be more than early. As soon as he stepped out, he knew he looked and felt fresh.

    Leonard threw on his usual sweater vest and work shirt, and pressed his glasses to his face. He made his own breakfast, which was just a bowl of cereal and a granola bar, and headed off. He had no one to say goodbye too, simply because his parents were always gone on business trips. He grew used to it.

    Leonard hopped into his car, and drove silently to school. He had nothing but his books and his music to keep him company. He hummed a tune by Mumford and Sons silently to himself. It wasn't long till he found himself at the school, and once he was there, he knew that there was no turning back. Not that he didn't mind, he really did enjoy school. On his way into the halls, he bumped into a familiar face. Was that... Aloah?

    "I-I'm sorry... " Leonard began, as he scrambled to pick up his scattered books.
  3. As he entered the parking lot, Aloah shouted triumphantly. Going as far as to jump out his car and throw his fist into the air with a big grin. This would definitely be a record for him. Driving as fast as he could to campus and hitting nothing and no one. Because of that, and the fact that he was on time, he walked as triumphantly as always through the front doors. Spitting before he stepped inside, the lingering taste of toothpaste still in his mouth.

    Just as he enters the building, he feels a small collusion. Knowing the other person was smaller than him already, from the simple fact that the bump didn't much phase him, just more so push him forward. He turned around to the kid, chuckling softly as he bent over to pick up a near by notebook. "No worries kid," he shrugged, a soft smile on his face as he handed the notebook over.
  4. Leonard took the notebook without so much as another word, and be bustled off into the next class he had. He was sure he was missing a few pencils, but he told himself he could manage. Well, he hoped he could manage.

    As Leonard walked, a teacher walked passed him. The teacher, an old and crippled one, made her way towards Aloah. She was old, age had done that to her. She was also short, and dressed as if she was a librarian. " A word, Mr. Aloah. " She began, taking the taller male by the shoulder and dragging him- almost forcefully, into a private hall.

    " Young man, you have done this school proud. What, with your swift kicks and hits and all. But, your GPA score is something you should practice on. " She began, her words growing more and more harsh. " I have assigned you a tutor. One of the schools best, he will be able to whip you in shape. His name is Leonard, and what a learner that boy is. You will meet with him after school today. "

    " You will have to miss practice. You will study with him once a week for two hours, starting today. Bring your book. Your sports, along with your academic career depend on it. " She said, before she soon walked off herself. Well, more like shuffled. With that, Aloah was alone once more.
  5. Pausing for a moment, Aloah simply watched the boy scurry off. Wondering for a second if he'd frightened him in some way.Shrugging, he smiled at the approaching women. Trying not to instinctively pull himself away as he was touched. Though he remained calm all up until she started talking. Ignoring her after some point in time. Simply put, he was a star at this school, why should he have to waste his time with some old hag of a teacher.

    Scoffing at her, he crossed his arms. Holding in his snide remarks. "We'll see," he rolled his eyes as she walked away. Keeping a some what calm look before taking off down the hall. Darting into the male lockers and into his coaches office. "What the hell is this shit about God damn tutor." He shouted as he slammed down into the seat opposite the coaches desk.

    "You're failing two of your classes, and barely passing the rest. I'm tired of fighting to keep you in the team when you don't have the grades. You have to pass your next test or you're off the team. That's it, now get out and get to class!" His coach was up and shouting by the end, looking at Aloah harshly. Leaving the boy slumping down into his seat. A sheepish look in his eyes before doing as told, and heading to first period.