My ally the Force is.

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  1. He stood in a dense forest on the outskirts of a small town. A warm rain poured around him covering him in a bright sheen. The night sky was clear and the stars were visible like pin points in a black blanket. He was human. Six feet tall with dark midnight hair that had a small white streak that went from just above the corner of his left eyebrow straight back to the back of his neck and stopped just short of the hair line. His eyes were once a warm blue but had now turned yellow with the anger and rage that flowed through him on a daily basis. He had been taught that rage was a good thing. He wore a simple tunic and pants that were as black as his hair and an over cloak with a hood which currently was raised over his head to block out the little bit of rain it could and still allow him unobstructed vision. He wore boots to mid calve that were slightly caked with mud from his long journey to this point on this night. The town was alight with lamps and the thundering of music that could be easily heard all over even above the rain. Figures, some running to a dry destination, some walking purposefully to tasks unknown could be seen moving about the wash of plain looking houses and shops that had been bustling earlier in the day. The bar in the middle of the town which also doubled as a brothel was the most hopping place with people braving even this downpour to wet their throats or partake in some of the more sensual facets of the outer rim territories. The figures that could be seen under cloaks and coats were a mix of different species from all over the place all looking of a job or a good time on this remote backwards death trap.
  2. He closed his eyes and reached deep into the Force calling on his anger to connect to the water logged atmosphere and the humid air from the forest around him. Someone with the uncanny ability to perceive the slight changes in temperature would have detected the shift that began to create a thick white fog around the man for a vast area. An area so large that it would shroud the town which is exactly what he wanted. The large cloud began to move in a slight breeze toward the buildings making it seem very eerie with everything that was going on. Most who saw it would think nothing more then a rolling fog and would come to regret their mistakes had he been after them. But he was not after them. He was after one man. The man who had had a bounty placed apon his head by some vile Hutt crime lord. The man who was as good as dead with this particular hunter on the prowl. With his cover in place he began to walk down the slope moving in a beeline for the tavern where his target sat swigging booze and smoking his life away.