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  1. Welcome to my wonderful thread.
    Hello all, and welcome to my thread. My last one was put into the archives. But i brought it back. Im open to pretty much anything, except yaoi. Nothing against homosexuality, I'm just simply not interested. Anywho, I have one plot idea. I will casually add more once they come. But anyways here are the lists.

    Plot Idea (open)

    Nature's Thorn
    (MxF, FxF)
    This whole idea revolves around survival. It can be done with these pairings...
    -FurryxHuman(I play the human)
    Pretty much Mc and Yc go out on a hike in the woods and get lost. So, they are stuck there and must survive. Eventually they fall for eachother.

    Sick and Twisted Affair
    This is a new one that i got from a song. Pretty much it involves a human female cheating on her husband with a werewolf. But little does she know that the wolf has plans for her husband. This will include gore and death.

    Pairings with no plot (open)

    Bolded words will be the character i prefer to play. Starred ones will be the ones i wish to play.
    -Human x Furry *
    -C.E.O. x Worker *
    -Girlfriend x Boyfriends Sister *

    Characters available to rp (open)

    Sid Maverick
    Personality: A bit on the anti-social side and his trust is hard earned. Its almost next to impossible.

    Fandoms (open)

    Bold lettering is the character i will play.

    -Pokemon x Pokemon Trainer
    -Pokemon x Pokemon

    -Oc x Canon

    League of Legends
    -Yasuo x Lux
    -Talon x Katarina
    -Vi x Caitlyn
    -Summoner x Ahri/Jinx/Nidalee

    Five Nights at Freddys
    -Chica x Security Guard (OC)
    -Foxy (Pm me. This one is special) x Security Guard (Female OC)

    If you have anymore ideas, let me know.
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  2. Hii! I will do your rp plot with you! ^-^
  3. Pm me with which pairing you want and the genders. As well as a picture of your character and name.
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  4. Interested
  5. Pm you interested with the gender you wish to play as well as a character name and picture
  6. Anyone else? Im still looking.
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  8. Am i able to bump now?
  9. Updated with a new plot. :P
  10. Updated with fandoms.
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