My 1x1 Plot Bunnies {LGBT & Straight}

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  1. Welcome,
    These are my precious little collection of plot bunnies or things on my mind that would be interesting to maybe try out. Things you should know about this is that I like fandoms as much as the next person and I respect all ships but I DO NOT support any sort of crossover ships. I don't believe in it and I'm firm in this. I do not support roleplaying canon x oc. Fanfictions about oc x canon i LOVE and feel free to direct me to any of yours but I do not support roleplaying it.
    I play the female in straight romance unless seriously swayed, I can play either partner in gay romance and I can only play submissive in lesbian.

    For my ideas which will be below the role I want to play will be in pink.

    Otaku's Together

    Character A and Character B are both Otaku's who go to Seifuku High and are in the 10th grade. But Character B has been there since 9th grade and Character A has just arrived. The misfits become friends, best friends then after discovering they both have a love for yuri... more. But there's an issue with this. Character C is the love interest of both Character A and Character B. Character B and Character C actually dated in 9th grade. He is now both of their friends. Character C has a crush on Character A and pretty much only tolerates Character B. Then Character D is Character B's old best friend who was replaced by Character A and is now just a close friend. Character D is determined to ruin Character A and keep Character B to herself.

    Love me like you hate me

    Character A is the blonde 10th grader who's a genuis thats already taking pre-calculus. He's a badboy that likes leather jackets, is a pyromaniac, gaming otaku and doesn't take shit from anyone. The ideal guy for Character B. Also,Character A is single and Character B is his type! Problem? Character A generally dislikes most people, especially freshmen like you. He's sarcastic and has a sick sense of humour, making it seem like he doesn't like Character B but he does.

    Badboy meets not so good girl

    Character A is the delinquent badass with a rep for violence. Character B is the Queen Bee Cheerleader who is only topped by the general Queen of the school. Character B has liked Character A since freshman year. As juniors Character B leaves her diary on the ground for Character A to pick up and read, discovering that she loves him. The only problem is Character B doesn't want to sacrifice her title to publicly date Character A who wants their relationship publicized.

    Save Me From Myself

    Character A is broken beyond repair, there have been so many things that have happened in her life she can't cope. The junior, Character A, decides that she was done. It'd be over that night, she'd finally be free. Then she almost gets hit by a bus and is saved by a sophomore, Character B, who is going through the same things. Character A now values her life more than anything and now makes it her mission to save Character B from herself who is... more than a little hesitant to Character A's love and attempts at fixing.

    Naughty Teacher

    Character A is the most loved teacher in the school who teaches English and runs the yearbook and journalism clubs. He is so seemingly friendly and jovial and Character B, senior, is in love with him. After confessing his love it turns out that Character A is a sadistic and possessive sociopathic twenty-three year old who decided to Claim character A as his. How does Character A cope with this sudden personality change?

    Any Other Ideas You Have I Would Love To Hear!​
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  2. I'd like to do your yaoi plot.
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