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    I'll start off with a few, simple requirements ^-^
    • As long as I am given something to work with in every post, length isn't very important to me. Ideally I'd prefer 2+ paragraphs but, as previously stated, so long as I'm not left scraping my insides, everything should be fine.
    • All of these roleplays will either be seme x seme or seke x seke ... which is pretty much the same thing but I imagine the former being rougher than the latter.
    • Please excuse the gray name, I got out of the hospital not long ago and I'm easing back onto this site. That being said, I'm also roleplaying on another website, but I'll try my best to give at least a reply per day. I'm not fussy when it comes to slow replies.
    Now, that wasn't so bad, right? right? e_e


    Here's a list of pairings I'd like to try out! Italics are the roles I'd prefer.
    • Boss x Employee
    • Vampire x Werewolf
    • Light x Dark
    • Twincest (I've never actually done this so be gentle with me, okay? >~<)
    • College Roommates
    • One Night Stand Turned Into More
    • If somebody could do psychopath x psychopath with me I would love you FOREVER. I have a thing for crazy psychos and if they could go around murdering people and running away from justice it would just aklfjadklg;s
    • Prince x Knight
    • Soldiers
    • Dragon Hybrid x anything else (elf, human, other hybrid, royal etc.)
    • Prince x Peasant
    • Blood Vampire x Psychic Vampire --> they pretty much feed on life energy instead of blood
    So, yeah! I might also have some plots if anybody's interested (although not many unless you like cliche things).

    Comment down below or shoot me a PM if you're interested! I don't bite that hard so don't be afraid!

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  2. I'd love to do psychopath x psychopath with you!
  3. : O

    Yes! So much yes! I'll PM you.
  4. Interested in the following~

    Boss x Employee
    Light x Dark
    College Roommates
    One Night Stand Turned Into More
    Psychopath x psychopath if you're all right with doing the same pairing with someone else
    Dragon Hybrid x anything else
  5. Oh no, I was so interested in the psychopath/psychopath! @_@ I had an ongoing role-play with an old RP partner along those lines, and today it's still one of my favourite role-plays I've done. It also included twincest haha. I'm not sure if you'd be interested in doing a similar role-play twice, but if you are just let me know. ^_^
  6. I'd love to do the Boss x Employee with you? :o

    We can definitely do a twincest/pyschopath roleplay! That sounds very interesting, haha.

  7. All for it ( ˘ ³˘)♥
  8. I'm interested in doing the vampire x werewolf. I'm not sure exactly what the terms seme and seke mean but I'm not good at playing the 'top' in a relationship between m x m but if I have to I'll do my best!
  9. I'm interested in College Roommates c:
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