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  1. Welcome to
    ♪ A Mad World ♫

    (of ideas and plots)

    ♦ Mad's Partner Search Thread ♦

    C L O S E D

    Do not fear, human.

    I am MadWorld.
    Shortest introduction ever...​

    I'm really craving a MxM RP right now. No MxF or FxF requests, please. <3

    I've found myself with a little bit of time to add in one more RP (or two) to play.

    That said, let's get on to plots~!

    {td}This will be the basic format of the plot form:


    Words. More words. Explanations. Blah.

    || Position I can play (Seme, Uke) ||
    || More available options we can incorporate in this RP ||
    || Emphasis on certain kinks ||{/td}
    {td}Key:YC=Your Character
    MC=My Character{/td}
    Currently, I'm searching for a uke to play with.
    While smut is fun and all, it does tend to get boring because I feel like I'm being repetitive. So if you can, I'd like there to be a good balance between plot and smut. Thanks~

    YC is a neko (or some other creature) and he's just been rescued by MC. This will probably be the usual generic plot for usual pet RP's. Honestly, I don't think this is much of a plot at all. I really don't know what else to say. Like, YC has been rescued. They start to get closer. Love. The end. No- but really, ask me about it and we can talk about plot twists. c:

    || Seme ||
    || Plot twists. :D ||
    || Bondage, toys, etc. (Depends on the situation) ||

    Stalkers in the Night

    MC is demon- and he's got his eyes set on a certain human. YC is an average person with an unusual streak of bad luck. Of course, it's MC who's causing all that bad luck. Lucky for him, his demon powers enable for him to be invisible to the human eye which gives him an advantage as he stalks YC around. MC has also got a major streak of sadism and just enjoys the reactions YC gives off whenever MC makes some trouble for him- whether it be tipping over boxes, missing papers, or broken appliances. Unfortunately, mirrors seem to be a weakness for MC as YC spots him one day through the reflection of a mirror. It's about then that MC realizes he's been caught and reveals himself to YC. MC strikes up a deal with YC and YC reluctantly agrees to allow MC to live with him. From there, the relationship can grow.

    || Demon-Seme ||
    || Any suggestions? ||
    || Open to anything. ||

    *** = Craving
    ** = It's alright. Might need some convincing.
    * = Doubtful. The plot must be pretty damn good for me to agree with this.
    Underlined = Character I'd like to play.

    Pirate x Supernatural Creature **
    Demon x Human ***
    Twins *
    Teacher x Student *
    Cuntboy x Someone/Something ***
    Trap x Teacher *
    Supernatural x Human **
    Supernatural x Supernatural *
    Vampire x Human *

    On a side note, (this is optional) I've been having this craving for a while. I know it's not everybody's cup of tea and they find these characters annoying, but I find them quite adorable. Anyways, I've been craving to play with an adorable uke- probably a little bit on the innocent side. You know, those super uke's that everybody seems to hate. Don't get me wrong, too much innocence is irritating, but there are times when they're just so adorable you want to glomp them. So yeah, I'd love to play with a cutesy uke~ c:

    Well, these are all the plots I'm aching to do right now. Anybody interested? c;
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  2. Oh I would be interested in 'Pets' plot.

    I wouldn't mind giving your craving a go either, as I know not many go for it.
  3. Great~ I'll send you a pm!
  4. I'm interested in playing the innocent uke for your demon x human story ^_^
  5. I have a vampire uke that needs some lovin'. Any good to you?
  6. Thanks for the interests, but all spots have been filled x_x there was an unexpected explosion of requests in my inbox. Maybe when there's some more room, I'll re-open this thread again (: . Sorry, again. ;~;​
  7. Aww …>_<… well could we do one of my ideas for a RP or will you still be busy?
  8. I s'pose I could make room depending on the plot. What d'you have?
  9. Awww :( Message me if a place comes in for my uke vampire ^^ I miss rping with him.
  10. If you are still looking for an Uke, I'd love to play something with you! I even have in idea or two if you are interested.

    Also, I'm totally cool with being a super uke ;D I'm not sure if I'll do them justice but I will try! I always love really cute character's myself so I totally get what you are getting at!
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