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  1. Hi, there's a few things I want to do, all MxM. They're all up for tweaking and such, I just want to do some kind of variation of them!

    Beautiful Disaster
    I don't have a totally laid out plot for this yet, but it's about two characters who are boyfriends. The kicker is that it's a mutually abusive relationship, neither person is healthy for the other - they fight, they take out their anger and frustrations on one another and there's a hell of a lot of it, they're aggressively jealous and possessive, even when they have sex (which is sometimes not completely consensual) it ends in dark bruises and bite marks, looking more like the result of a brawl than love making. But in the wake of the screaming and violence, they make up, promising it won't happen again, they'll get better, they're sorry, etc. Their close ones sincerely worry about them and encourage them to get help or break up. But they don't, though deep down, they know this toxic cycle is too dangerous to go on forever.

    Also interested in:
    Prostitute x Police Officer
    Prostitute x Customer
    Teacher x Student
    Twin x Twin
    Brother x Brother
    Slave x Slave
    Merman x Other creature
    Master x Slave
    Owner x Inuboy or Neko
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  2. Tooootally interested in the first one. I know we already have two other RPs, but I've been wanting to do a roleplay like this one for forever, and every time I get the chance to, it always dies out. :c So if interested, just PM me!
  3. I'd love to do a twins one or even the teacher x student one.
  4. id be intrested in the twins one and i have had a basic plot idea for such a roleplay for a while if you dont have one
  5. @evanallmighty i don't really have a plot so I'd love to hear yours!!
  6. its kinda brutal... just saying

    the boys have been verbally abused since the day they were born by Their father and mother, as well as minor physical abuse but mainly Sexual abuse. Their father started molesting them when they were 13, taking pictures of them and recording video's of the abuse. He advertised them as prostitutes when they were 14 and sold them for 10 Grand. They've been living in a basement ever since, and have grown unnaturally close due to the environment. After being sold into sexual slavery at 14 they lived in a dark basement chained to the wall, their captor did horrible things to them and essentially brainwashed them. They were raped and abused daily only fed bread and water and forced to relieve themselves on the floor they slept on.

    One day the FBI raided the home of their captors and found them. they were taken to an orphanage where they really devoloped their relationship for eachother were eventually adopted etc etc maybe thier father could come after them again or something
  7. I'd be interested in the incest one xD
  8. I loooove this plot, actually. I'm all for brutal/dark things, don't get me wrong.

    When they get placed in the orphanage how old did you imagine them to be? And yeah, I can imagine the father coming after them, or even the next family that brings them into their home proves to he abusive as well, or maybe they run away, but yeah a lot of stuff could come from it!!
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  9. Any plot ideas? :D
  10. Hmm well step brothers came to my mind if you're up for that. Or perhaps one could be young and the other older, getting ready for college or something. Or even one of the brothers comes for a visit and things start to develop
  11. around 15 or 16 maybe old enough to be tramatized to the point of not trusting anyone but each other because of all the sex slave/prostituting stuff
  12. old enough to not get in trouble for it here but young enough still to be places in an orphanage i forget what the age limit is here for characters doing sexual activites
  13. @evanallmighty the age limit here is 13, though I feel most comfortable with our twins being 16, if that's alright! But yeah, they definitely wouldn't trust anyone but each other. Should we begin around when they're placed in the orphanage or before it?

    @FrostBitten I actually had a bit of an idea, but before I say it, how do you feel about vampires/supernatural genre?
  14. Either if fine with me, where ever you want to start. What are the boys gonna look like? Do you have an actor in mind that we can steal a face from?.... If you don't I have a list ;)
  15. @evanallmighty there's one actor I was thinking about, but I'd love to see your list :3
  16. @FrostBitten alright, what do you think about a separated at birth thing, with fraternal or identical twins? Their parents are a human and a vampire, thus when their children are born one is a human (I'd prefer being the human, but only if that's okay!) and one a vampire. This was unanticipated, and because the baby vampire wouldn't know better he would try to attack the human in his toddler years. So they give the human boy up for adoption. Fast forward into the future. The parents reveal to the vamp twin that he has a brother and leaves it up to him to locate him if he wants to do so.

    That's all I got, haha. We can do something else if you aren't interested :3
  17. @Michaelis

    Sounds good to me, I don't mind playing the vampire at all. Lol. Shall we discuss this more through message?
  18. Sure, could you shoot me a PM?
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