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  1. Hello!
    How are you? I'm looking for someone to roleplay MxM couples with me.
    Please tell me before leaving the roleplay completely or for an extended period of time.
    Please try to write something more than a one liner.
    MxM only. I also do FxF from time to time, if I can be convinced by a good plot.
    I don't want sex to be over plot, I want that to happen naturally between the two characters.
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    Ethan was listening to Miles as he recounted the story happily. He nodded. He was glad for his friend. "The fuck!?" He fell to the ground before he even knew It was Hotari. He looked up at Hotari. "Say what about you!?!?" He echoed, confused. "I didn't anything about you to that twat other than it was none of his business!"

    "Yeah, yeah." Ethan told Miles as he pulled himself up. "I'll see later!" He called at Miles before he began to chase after Hotari. "Hotari!!" He called after him.

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    Jesse may or may not be fascinated with the rich for the same reason. How could they live with so much? How did they know get sick after eating such rich fair? He didn't know, because whenever he had managed to get food like that it had made him sick. Maybe because he had gotten it out of the trash.

    "Sorry." He mumbled to whatever he had bumped into as he clung to the loaf for dear dear life. Jesse had pulled himself up and started to stagger before he was stopped by a grab on the arm. "Huh?" He froze in the slight fear of what this person would do to him.

    { I'll take care of it? } He echoed in his head and tried to relax as the police officer bid the other man hello. "I'd be fine if I'd be able to have him." He motioned to Jesse with the stick that he was assigned to keep the peace with.

    Italics is my preferred role.

    Vampire x Vampire
    Vampire x Human
    Supernatural Being x Supernatural Being
    Supernatural Being x Human
    Post Apocalypse

    Superpowered Person x Superpowered Person
    SAO OC x OC
    Harry Potter OC x OC
    Pokemon OC x OC
    Historical Settings
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Please PM or comment below if interested.