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  1. "How could we forget? How on Earth could we forgive you for the things your kind has done?"

    For hundreds and hundreds of years, wolves had fed upon deer and other forms of prey. It has always been natural, to survive and flourish. So, no one has ever thought of one becoming friends, or even acquaintances, with the other. Nor has one ever even considered a union between the two races.

    Hello! Thank you for stopping by. As you read from the little blurb up above, I am interested in doing a roleplay with a wolf and a deer. Weird, right? Well, they would be humanized since I'm not a fan of writing about animals and such.

    Anyway, here's some things to know.

    THINGS TO KNOW- 18+ RP, I will check. This might get heated somewhere down the line
    - Friendly, I like to plot with my partner c:
    - Frequent, as in try once a day, or once every other day
    - No God-modding, I no like that
    - Male Romance, I don't hate the other kinds, but I do this well
    - Preview, read over your posts before you... Well, post
    - Detail, a well rounded character is more attractive then a stereotypical one

    I am always interested in other one x ones, so that will be below, but I'm really currently looking for the Wolf x Deer one right now!

    GENRES:- Romance
    - Tragedy
    - Suspense
    - Fantasy
    - Modern
    - Supernatural
    - And a whole like more

    I roleplay as only male in one x ones, however in groups I do play female. I just feel more comfortable that way. I'm open to mature and non-mature material. I have been greatly craving for a Fantasy/Supernatural based RP outside of the Wolf x Deer, so if you're interested, please send me a PM. Thanks so much for looking this over!!
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  2. Also forgot:

    - Plays a dominant or switch character
    - Comfortable with mature scenes
    - NOT comfortable with dirty words in mature scenes (sure you get the idea)

    Topics I enjoy:
    - King x Prince
    - Prince x Knight
    - Angel x Human
    - Ghost x Human
    - Dragon x Something else
    - Demon x Demon/Human
    - Officer x Detective
    - Assassin/Secret Hooker x Writer
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  3. Okay, cool! I'll PM you the different ideas I have and then you can tell me which one you like best!
  4. If you're still looking, I'd be interested in :

    • King x Prince
    • Demon x Human
    • Angel x Human
  5. Yeah, I'm always looking. I'll PM you.
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