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  1. Hello I am Peace is Restrained but, you can call me Peace or Basil... I don't mind. I do however have a few requirements.

    1. Please make your post understandable. If I can't read it I won't respond to it.

    2. Please no one liners. I am ok with a few casual sentences, I would prefer at least a paragraph, but I will not be happy with you if you don't give me enough to respond to.

    3. Please be ok with me playing multiple characters. It would be great if you could play multiple characters as well but I will not force you to.

    4.lastly, a decent amount of explicit smut to stay interested. If you need plot we can put something together but I will not fade to black.

    Now that's that's out in the open let's get on to cravings and pairings.

    Supernatural characters
    Conspiracy theories
    Disney mash ups

    Treasure hunter(teacher)/student
    ???will add more soon

    Open to suggestions
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  2. Question do you prefer playing top, bottom, or switch?
  3. I have most experience with top but would like to try bottom
  4. maybe switch then?

    also, I'm interested in these ones:

  5. Ok pm me and we can work something out
  6. Hey I would be totally up for some supernatural creature and rape plot thing. I would like to be bottom/victim if you don't mind. But if we play several characters I wouldn't mind playing top for you (though I prefer bottom)
  7. Alrighty pm me so we can work something out
  8. Do you prefer PM's or through a public thread for roleplaying?
  9. I've done both... So it doesn't matter to me
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.